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Serving Trays

Restaurant Serving Trays Serving Trays are a staple item in every Nightclub, Bar, and Restaurant around the world. Not only do they make life easier for your Servers and Cocktail Waitresses, but they help make things run a little faster and more efficiently, in turn, bringing in more cash flow! If you work in a Nightclub or Bar, check out our LED, Neon, or Blacklight Serving and Shot Trays for your Shooter Girls. If you work in a Restaurant or Brewery, make sure to take a look at our Beer Sampler Paddles, Flight Trays, Bill Trays and Check Presenters. We even carry an assortment of Novelty Trays! So whether you enjoy using a standard Fiberglass Non-Skid Serving Tray, or you want to spice things up a little with your Waitresses, we have everything you need to find the right Tray for you and your venue!

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