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Here at we are venturing into the world of video. Check out some of our latest You Tube video clips! Fun and Educational!

Counter Caddies

Published: July 2017

Our patent pending Counter Caddy™ shelves are a new, stylish way to organize and decorate your vacant kitchen counter space. They have been designed with several common kitchen scenarios in mind and are offered in many styles. These 2 tier shelves will fit perfectly underneath your cabinets, while still allowing easy access to your items. Choose from Liquor bottle bar theme, Barista / Coffee Theme, Culinary Kitchen Theme (which is customizable) and Wine Enthusiast Theme. There is a design and style for everyone! All of our Counter Caddie™ Shelves are also available in plain stain or natural wood styles as well!

Fuel Bar Masterclass 2017

Starring: Vahe Manoukian or Rodo Delpech
Published: Summer 2017

Exciting Flair Bartending and Master Class coming September 2017! Sponsored by!

Bartenders' Shakedown & Mixology Matters

Starring: Rob Husted
Published: Summer 2017

Excited to share our video recap of the Bartenders' Shakedown & Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference 2017 that took place June 26-28 at Flair Street West Palm Beach, FL. | MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves

Published: Jan 2017

So you have decided to design your own cost-efficient custom liquor bottle shelf display. Well, you have come to the right place, as our Mix Master™ Incremental Shelves will allow you to do just that! Head to to buy today! | MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves

Published: Jan 2017

So you have decided to design your own cost-efficient custom liquor bottle shelf display. Well, you have come to the right place, as our MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves will allow you to do just that!

Cap-On® Liquor Pourer (United States Patent 8,245,891)

Starring: Mark Hastings
Published: Jan 2017

The Cap-On® Liquor Pourer is a great new revolutionary Pour Spout targeted to Home Bar Enthusiasts and Bar Owners alike. Designed to accommodate the precision pour of your favorite top shelf liquors, and still store them with the "cap on". No more over-pours on your expensive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey. This Cap-On® Pour Spout has the accuracy of our 285-50 pourer.

What Flair bottle I should buy? Flairco VS Barconic Flex

Starring: Vlad SlickBartender
Published: Jan 2017


Published: Jan 2017

It's kinda like Cornhole, kinda like Quarters. Make your own rules! These wooden Quartermaster boards will bring a fun element to any party! Keep score or wager some drinks with your friends. Keep it clean or make it dirty... regardless, this is a great game to break out at your next bash.

Free Shipping Program on Glassware -

Published: Sept 2016

FSP is a program that has been specially designed for our loyal customers to avoid those (sometimes pricey) shipping costs on heavy or bulky items such as glassware. The way it works is simple! Add 6 or more FSP branded items to your cart and the free shipping module is triggered.

The Colossal Shaker

Published: June 2015

Get your very own Colossal Cocktail Shaker NOW! Flair Bartending Commercial with Rodo Delpech.

Starring: Rodrigo Delpech
Published: Spring 2012

Being the biggest online retailer of online bar supplies, we are proud to remind you that we also sponser one of the biggest and best in flair bartending. Check out this cool commercial Rodrigo put together for us!

Rodrigo Delpech Training Video Trailer

Starring: Rodrigo Delpech
Published: Spring 2012

Rodrigo Delpech is 16 time Flair bartender world champion.
Here is a video presentation (trailor) of his upcoming training DVD.

Jeff "Flip" Fralich

Starring: Jeff "Flip" Fralich

" would like to salute Jeff "Flip" Fralich and Full Sail Productions on their video of the Life of a Flair Bartender"

CigJig® Cigarette Saver

Starring: Ben Calhoon
Published: May 17, 2011

New from and Lighter Leash we bring you the CigJig®Cigarette Saver. Enjoy this fun little video demonstration on how it works to "Save Your Cigarettes!" If you are a smoker, you know how expensive cigarettes are these days.
Produced by the Team

Superbowl Urinal Mats

Starring " Johnny", "Brian", "Mark", "Russel", and "Lisa"
Published: January 1, 2011

Only at! We are bringing to you a new twist on a trip to the bathroom! Give your patrons a game that will make them want to go potty! These sports themed urinal mats will be sure to get a few laughs out of anyone. Available in Football, Soccer, and Hockey. These mats also have freshness built inside of them keeping your urinals from smelling like... well.. a urinal!

Hooters' Girls using the Pour Check™

New and Improved. The PourCheck™ is all your need for checking your pour volume. Competition and master mixologists know the importance of calibrating their pours for accuracy, and bar owners appreciate the ability to test their staff's free pours for stock management. The PourCheck™ indicates both ounces and millimeters and is made of durable translucent plastic.

Corona Commercial Featuring the HammerHead Bottle Opener

Starring John McCall, Courtney Somers-Smith, and Jennifer Luttmann
Published: October 12, 2010

Only from and comes this one-of-a-kind beer bottle opener we call the "Hammerhead." It's similar to the very popular "speed" openers used by bartenders everywhere, except it features an extra wide head for popping off two caps at once! Not only do we manufacture and sell these unique openers, but like all of our metal openers you can customize it with your own graphics and text with our easy online designer at We love Corona here at BarProducts, and this spin on their commercials comes to you as a tribute.

A word from the Creator of the HammerHead Bottle Opener

Starring Mark Hastings and Jennifer Luttmann
Published: October 12, 2010

"Two at a time!" From the world's largest online bar suppliers, and, comes this patented beer bottle opener design we call the "Hammerhead" bottle opener. It's similar to the very popular "speed" openers used by bartenders everywhere, except it features an extra wide head for popping off two caps at once! Like many of the other popular beer openers we've invented, they are able to be customize with your own graphics and text with our easy online designer at We hope you enjoy watching our spin on the Corona commercials as much as we did making them!

Shooter Recipe Coasters

Starring Johnny Smith
Published: March 15, 2010

Funny opening skit! Here is a fun look into what people are saying abut our Shooter Recipe Coasters. Custom designed right here at these Shooter Recipe Coasters are sold in packages with over 80 unique Shooter Recipes. Typically Coasters promote one beer brand... check out why is a good idea to promote your entire liquor inventory instead!

BPC Flair Commercial

Published: March 8, 2010

As many of you know... BPC is one of the number 1 places to stock up on your Flair Gear! We also tend to make a presence at all major flair competitions around the country and greatly support the Flair and Professional Bartending Community. Here is a commercial that was created highlighting some of our more popular flair items that was first aired on during the Legends 12 Competition.

Bobby Gleason demonstrates the Whiskey Sour

Starring Bobbly Gleason from Beam Global Wine and Spirits
Published: March 1, 2010 and Beam Global teamed up to present a series of Cocktail Drink demonstrations featuring Beam Globals very own Master Mixologist Bobby Gleason. In this video you will learn how to make a delicious Whiskey Sour using some of's Bartending Tools. Introduction Video

Starring Rodrigo Delpech
Published: December 15, 2009, a product of, is being reborn for 2010. New design, all new content and everything for the Flair Bartending community. In this video we feature footage from the Quest Competition in Orlando as well as the BPC product table. Party Table Setup

Starring Lindsay Mataway
Published: November 23rd, 2009

Make your next party a superstar party! This party table demonstration shows off everything for the home bartender and the professional. Featuring pour spouts, shakers, glass rimmers, glassware, bottle openers, juice pourers and more.

Lighter Leash Superbowl Commercial

Published: January 15, 2009

Short halarious skit showing how not to loose your lighter (with the Lighter Leash). Special thanks to KC for sending this to us.

Introducing our V-Rod Bottle Opener

Published: May 27th, 2009

We took our standard Speed Opener but made it that much better! Now you can open beer bottles with one end, and pop corks from liquor bottles with the other! No more fighting with that bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps to get that caked-in cork out. This new V-Rod™ gives you the right leverage to pull that baby out with ease! Brilliant!

Jello Twist Shots

Published: April 1st, 2008

Tired of getting messy when enjoying your jello shots? We are! Jello shots will never be the same! These Jello Twist Shots get your full serving of Jello simply by a twist of the cup. Watch this video to learn how fun and easy Jello Shots can be.

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