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Beer Towers

Beer Towers
Beer towers, also known as Beer Tubes or Beer Giraffes, are fun and profitable! Serve table side draft beer to your bar patrons with less mess and more volume than standard pitchers. Our collection of beer towers features different shapes and volumes, as well as beer towers with ice tube inserts designed to keep your draft beer nice and cold.

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  • 3 Liter Beer Tower

    As Low As: $2.75
  • 3 Liter Premium Beer Tower

  • Beer Tower with Stainless Steel Insert and Base - 3 Liter

  • Beverage Dispenser - 3 Tier - 7.5 Liter

  • 2.5 Liter Red Beer Tower with Ice Tube

  • 3 Liter Beer Tower with Metal Base

  • 3 Gallon Beer Tower with Ice Fill Base and Ice Tube

  • 3 Liter Beer Tower Kit

  • Beverage Tower Cleaner

  • 3-Gallon Drink Dispenser with Ice Tube - Acrylic

  • 3-Drink Holder on Rotating White Base

  • 2-Liquid, 2-Food Dispenser on Rotating Base

  • Wooden Beverage Barrel

  • Beer Tower Replacement Tap

  • Replacement Beer Tower Tap

  • Beer Tower Cooling Sleeve

  • Beer Tower Tube Brush


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