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Corkscrews / Wine Openers

The numerous styles and themes of our unique corkscrews give you immeasurable opportunities to showcase your personality and individuality. Before you can enjoy your favorite bottle of wine, you have to make sure you select the right tools to open the bottle. No matter your specific needs, our vast collection of wine openers offers you everything you need for any occasion. Our eclectic range or wine bottle openers includes the latest innovations as well as the most convenient wine utensils to make sure we’re able to satisfy the needs of the casual wine taster as well as the most seasoned wine aficionado. We offer the latest in double lever corkscrews, winged wine openers and electric wine bottle openers. The stainless steel construction features in all of our corkscrews is a testament to their durability and endurance. Our wine bottle openers are designed to sit comfortably and naturally in your hand and reduce the need for any excess exertion. We don’t want you to have to fight with a bottle of wine to remove a stubborn cork. That’s why all our corkscrews were engineered to smoothly extract the cork without causing any damage or breakage to the wine cork. Browse our selection of high quality corkscrews below and you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need.

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  • Corkscrew - Double Lever - Maroon

  • BarConic® Double Lever Copper Corkscrew

  • Original BarBack™ Bartending Tool – 11 Functions in 1

  • Gold and Copper Plated - Julep Strainer

  • Double Lever Copper Plated Corkscrew

  • Waiters Corkscrew - Black Textured Grip

  • Corkscrew – Copper Plated

  • Double Hinged Iridescent Rainbow Corkscrew

  • Double Lever Corkscrew - Hot Pink

  • Gold and Copper Plated - Double Lever Corkscrew

  • Gold Plated Corkscrew - Duo-Lever

  • Wine Opener - Black Waiters with Bottle Opener

  • Wine Opener - Economy Style with Bottle Opener

  • Wine Key - Stainless Steel and Rosewood

  • Wine Key - Palermo™ with Rosewood Handle

  • Wine Opener - Double Lever with Wood Handle

  • Corkscrew - Napoli™ Rosewood Handle

  • Corkscrew - Sorrento™ Silver with Rosewood Handle

  • Corkscrew - Sorrento™ Gold with Rosewood Handle

  • Corkscrew - Milan™ - Rosewood Handle

  • Corkscrew - Genova™ - Rosewood Handle

  • Corkscrew - Firenza™ - Rosewood Handle

  • Wine Opener - Balena™ - Plastic Handle

  • Wine and Beer Bottle Opener - Stainless Steel

  • Corkscrew - Trieste™ - Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Waiter's Wine Key - Magnetic Houdini™

  • Wine Bottle Opener - Wine Grape

  • Corkscrew - Double Lever with Champagne Gripper

  • Win Bottle Opener - Pulltap's Extendo - Double Lever

  • Wine Key - Pulltex® - Pulltap Evolution Deluxe Crystal

  • Wine Key - Castello™ - Carbon Fiber Handle

  • Wine Opener - Capitano® - Waiter's Corkscrew with Marble Handle

  • Wine Opener - Capitano® - Waiter's Corkscrew with Checker Handle

  • Corkscrew - Flip Flop

  • Corkscrew - Piano

  • Corkscrew - USA Flag


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