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Ice Trays and Molds

Ice Trays

Featuring a great selection of many different ice molds, from round to square and more! Silicon ice molds make an easy and unique way to have a wide range of ice cube shapes for your beverages and cocktails. If you are looking to put on a show for your customers, then the Japanese Ice Ball maker is a must! Your guest are sure to be wowed by this one of a kind bar tool!

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  • Ice Ball Mold - Moon

  • BarConic® Silicone Perfect Cube Ice Tray

  • BarConic® Silicone 4 Sphere Ice Mold

  • BarConic® Silicone Collins Ice Tray

  • Red Silicone Cocktail Ice Ball Tray

  • King Cube Silicone Ice Trays

  • Japanese Ice Ball Mold

  • Tiki Stone Cold Statue Ice Cube Tray

  • Barbuzzo® Ice Straw Tray

  • "Rock" Style Ice Tray Mold

  • Tovolo® Colossal Cube Molds (Set of 2)

    $14.95$7.48/ ea.
  • Sphere Ice Ball Molds (Set of 2)

    $10.45$5.23/ ea.
  • Interchangeable Japanese Ice Ball Maker

  • IceZilla® Ice Mold with Light Kit

  • Ice Luge Double Track Mold

  • Ice Luge Lights

    As Low As: $4.99

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