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Ice Tools & Supplies

Ice Tools & Supplies

You can't keep a bar open without cold drinks! We've got ice bar tools for every type of bar and restaurant service applications.

Ice Trays and Molds

Featuring a great selection of many different ice molds, from round to square and more! Silicon ice molds make an easy and unique way to have a wide range of ice cube shapes for your beverages and cocktails. If you are looking to put on a show for your customers, then the Japanese Ice Ball maker is a must! Your guest are sure to be wowed by this one of a kind bar tool!

Ice Buckets & Tubs

Ice buckets are functional and great for so many different uses! From bottle service to room service and table service, your customers will appreciate a high quality ice bucket. Presentation is everything in the service industry, so be sure your customers always get the best. Metal and plastic buckets also are great for running beer specials and promotions! Make more money by keeping customers at your establishment longer!

Ice Picks, Tongs & Other Ice Tools

Specialty Ice Tools like Ice Picks, Ice Crushers, and Tongs are a great addition to have for any bar. Chipping your own ice can really make for a stunning added presentation. Tongs and Saf-T-Ice® totes ensure that your service is completely safe and sanitary for your guests. Never risk ice contamination with these high quality tools!

Ice Scoops & Holders

Ensure that your cocktail service is always clean and sanitary for your customers with professional grade Ice Scoops. We carry plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate scoops, so you can find the style that is just right for your establishment. We even have holders for your scoops to ensure that you can store your scoops in a sanitary location. Ice scoops are a requirement by the health department for any bar or restaurant, so be sure to always keep good ice scoops available for your staff to use!

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  • Ice Scoop - Gun Metal

  • Ice Scoop - Gold Plated

  • Ice Scoop - Copper Plated

  • BarConic® SS Talon Tongs

  • Gold Plated 4 inch Sugar Tongs

  • Hammered Copper Plated Tongs - 7"

  • Tovolo® Ice Ball Tongs

  • Japanese Ice Pick - Final Touch®

  • Three Prong Ice Pick/Chipper

  • Speakeasy® Wooden Ice Mallet

  • Copper Ice Bucket - Old Dutch Hammered Style

  • BarConic® 170oz Plastic Beer Bucket w/handle

  • Multicolored LED Tip Bucket

    Regular Price: $55.95

    Sale Price: $42.56

  • Tovolo® Stackable Sphere Ice Trays - Frost - 2

  • Tovolo® Clear King Cube System

  • Tovolo® Clear Sphere System

  • Ice Ball Mold - Moon

  • BarConic® Silicone Perfect Cube Ice Tray

  • BarConic® Silicone 4 Sphere Ice Mold

  • BarConic® Silicone Collins Ice Tray

  • Red Silicone Cocktail Ice Ball Tray

  • King Cube Silicone Ice Trays

  • Japanese Ice Ball Mold

  • Tiki Stone Cold Statue Ice Cube Tray

  • Barbuzzo® Ice Straw Tray

  • "Rock" Style Ice Tray Mold

  • Tovolo® Colossal Cube Molds (Set of 2)

    $14.95$7.48/ ea.
  • Sphere Ice Ball Molds (Set of 2)

    $10.45$5.23/ ea.
  • Interchangeable Japanese Ice Ball Maker

  • IceZilla® Ice Mold with Light Kit

  • Ice Luge Double Track Mold

  • Ice Luge Lights

    As Low As: $4.99
  • Metal "Love Kills Slowly" Ice and Tip Bucket

  • Metal "Intoxicologist" Ice and Tips Bucket

  • Chrome Ice Bucket with Tongs

  • 3 Quart Aluminum Ice Bucket

  • Aluminum Ice Bucket with Handles - 6.25 Quarts

  • Aluminum Ice Bucket with Bottle Opener

  • Dimpled Ice Bucket with Lid

  • Multicolored LED Ice Bucket


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