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Julep Strainers

Julep Strainers

Julep Strainers are the perfect cocktail strainer for any Bartender or Master Mixologist that serves up a mean Mint Julep Cocktail! This bartending tool is a round, bowl shaped perforated strainer that fits snuggly over a mixing glass. Most Bartenders choose to have a Julep Strainer secondary to their Hawthorne Strainer in their bartending tool set. The reason for this is, that a Hawthorne Strainer works well with a cocktail shaker, where as a Julep Strainer works much better over a cocktail glass. No Bartender wants to get asked for a Mint Julep and be unprepared with the incorrect tools. Strain ice, fruit, herbs and seeds out of your mint juleps by choosing from our assortments of Modern™brand or Barconic® brand Julep Strainers.

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  • Stainless Steel Julep Strainer

  • Heavy Duty Julep Strainer

  • BarConic® Julep Strainer – Copper Plated

  • BarConic® Julep Strainer – Antique Finish

  • Gold Plated Julep Strainer

  • Modern™ Julep Strainer

  • BarConic® Stainless Steel Shell Julep Strainer

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