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Bartending Tools

Bartending Tools

Bartending tools with attitude! That is exactly what you will find here in our Bar Tools section. Have fun getting completely consumed with our colorful, professional, and unique bartender candy selection. We offer the largest array of Bottle Openers (Bar Keys), Cocktail Shaker Tins, Strainers, Bar Spoons, Muddlers, Jiggers and so much more. No one else compares to the amazing bar products we offer, and especially at such low prices! We have products for every type of bartender. So no matter if you are a bartender just starting out, a Flair Bartender, or have reached the professional Master Mixology and craft level, we have everything you need to keep your bartending ammo stocked with the industry's latest and greatest.

Bar Sets & Package Specials

Whether you are a bartender looking for great starter to professional bartending kits or you are simply someone who loves experimenting with cocktail recipes, you are sure to find all of the essential bartending tools and accessories to help guide you on your creations. We offer several Bar Sets with many different themes and colors, sure to appeal to anyone. Looking for that perfect gift idea? Choose from Margarita Kits, Wine Sets, Professional Bartending and Flair Bartender Kits Including items such as Cocktail Shaker Tins, Cocktail Strainers, Bottle Openers, Corkscrews and even bitters and other drink recipe ingredients. All at discounted group prices! We are always putting together new package ideas and keeping up with the latest trends in Bartending Products. Check back often for new packages and especially around the holiday’s for amazing savings on gifts for the bartender in your life.

Bartending Bottle Openers

Welcome to one of the most fun and highly-recognized areas of Not only do we offer a large selection of Bartending Bottle Openers in many different styles (ie. Standard Speed Openers, V-Rod® Openers, Dog Bone Bottle Openers and many more), but we also have the largest selection of full color graphics wrapping each style using our Kolorcoat™ process. Choose from funny, sexy, trendy and many more inspirational designs to add to your “behind the bar” ammo. Don’t forget to check out our Bottle Opener Accessories to pair your new opener up with products such as armbands, retractable reels, magnetic clips and other cool bar stuff. These are also great gift ideas for your favorite bartender! Sure to have something for everyone… we are the original creators on taking your standard speed bottle opener (aka Mamba) and raising it up several “bars.”

Still yet… we also offer you the opportunity to select from many of these stylish designs and bottle openers and have the ability to customize your very own! Add your name, upload your picture! These bartending speed bottle openers are completely customizable using our easy online designer at

Corkscrews & Wine Openers

Our extensive collection of corkscrews and wine openers range in style and functionality to make certain you find the perfect wine bottle accessories to fit your needs. Our eclectic inventory of corkscrews incorporate the latest innovations to make sure we cater to everyone from the casual wine taster to the most advanced wine enthusiast. All of our metal corkscrews are constructed from resilient stainless steel to ensure their durability. The selection below varies from winged corkscrews, professional wine openers, waiter corkscrews, double lever wine openers, electric wine bottle openers, wine bottle stoppers and many more. All of our wine bottle openers and corkscrews contain an ergonomic design element to ensure they fit into your hand naturally and intuitively for minimum exertion. We understand that opening a bottle of wine should be about leisure and enjoyment, not about fighting with a corkscrew. When you buy one of our products, ease and satisfaction occur before your first sip.

Standard Bottle Openers

If you are someone who is not into all the bells and whistles of the color and design our Kolorcoat™ process offers and you like to keep your Bottle Openers more standard, then this is the section for you. Here you will find all of our popular Speed and V-Rod® Bottle Openers available in the common stainless steel or solid colors as well as a few Unique openers thrown into the mix.

Bottle Opener Accessories

Bottle Opener Accessories offer a great utility for any busy bartender... not to mention a cool trendy element to your bartending style. Choose from a large selection of Retractable reels that work in conjunction with most styles of bottle openers we offer. The reels securely attach to your pants and retract out to easily and quickly open beer bottles, while keeping your opener close at hand. Exclusive to, we are excited to showcase our leather back pocket protectors for bottle openers known as the DekoPokit™! Stylishly protect you pants pockets with tons of cool designs to choose from. Other great opener accessories are found here as well, such as our popular magnetic clip, armbands, spinner rings and holsters of all types!

Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail shakers, Boston shakers, cobbler shakers, cheater tins. No matter the name or style, we have the whole range for bartenders, bar owners, and home bar collectors. From stainless steel professional models, to plastic three piece and novelty shakers, we strive to bring you the best bar tools at the lowest prices!

Bar Spoons

One of a bartenders most valuable tools has always been the bar spoon. Its longevity in bar culture is a testament to its necessity for professional bartenders. The bar spoon has been a staple of traditional bartending since the induction of the cocktail. A vital asset behind the bar and in any home bar or kitchen, the bar spoon is a very versatile and multi-functioning utensil. This is a must-have item for any serious mixologist who is looking to add an adaptable cocktail device to their collection of bar tools. A bar spoon is great for mixing, stirring, muddling, layering and garnishing drinks quickly and efficiently.


A muddler is a necessary bartending tool for any professional bartender who is serious about their craft. Signature cocktails are commonly created by mashing fresh ingredients with a muddler in order to infuse the flavors with the alcohol. We over several different types of muddlers, sure to suit any bartenders needs. Choose from durable, high quality stainless steel muddlers, rustic wooden, stylish muddlers or standard and low costing plastic muddlers that can handle any muddling job. Muddlers are commonly used when creating cocktails such as Mojitos and Old Fashioned's.

Cocktail Strainers

Cocktail Strainers have been and will always be a staple item in every bar and restaurant around the world! Bartenders and Master Mixologists near and far know the importance of finding the straining bartending tool that fits their specific requirements. We offer classic strainers or wire strainers such as the No Prong Strainer, the 2 Prong Strainer or the 4 Prong Strainer, Many are available in a variety of color options or just classic stainless steel. We also offer specialty master mixology strainers such as the Julep Strainer, WMF Hawthorne Strainer or even a Stainless Steel Tea Strainer. No matter what your bartending style or technique is, you are sure to find one that’s a right fit for you! All of our bar strainers are made of high quality materials and sure to last for many years to come.

Jiggers & Inventory Control

Maintaining consistent pours is not only good for business, but ensures quality recipes and a menu that customers can rely on. Our jiggers are bar tools with many functions, including the classic two-sided jiggers, multi-level jiggers, measuring beakers, PourCheck™ tools, and more!

What's a jigger? Click Here and learn all about the different types of cocktail jiggers and how they're used.

Citrus Tools

From slicing, zesting, wedging, juicing, and coring, our collection of citrus tools covers all your needs. We carry multi-function tools and specialized master mixology tools so you get everything you can out of your fruit. Bartenders love the ability to offer that extra touch of natural flavors and garnishes, and customers appreciate the authenticity.

Ice Tools & Supplies

You can't keep a bar open without cold drinks! We've got ice bar tools for every type of bar and restaurant service applications.

Master Mixology

The tools and supplies of the master mixology field demand their own category. Here you'll find the highest quality products used for specialty mixology by professional bartenders, caterers, private bartenders, as well as the most serious of hobbyists. Made of durable and attractive materials, these products are built to last and impress.

Bar Magic

Learn to entertain your customers and make more money! Bar Magic is the perfect way to interact with your guests and keep them at your bar longer. Happy customers equals bigger tips!

Bar Books & Videos

We carry dozens of media tools for beginner and expert bartenders alike, from cocktail recipes to practical guides and DVDs on setting up your home or professional bar.


A growing new section of We are now offering custom printed Shirts and Other Fun Accessories for our bartending family. Jazz up your bar shift with any of these fun BPC originals, and don't forget to check out our Smoking Accessories section for more "hot" toys.

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