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Smoking Accessories

Smoking Accessories

Smoking Accessories are a necessity for any Smoker’s Lounge, bar, nightclub, or restaurant that allows smoking! You may even find that we carry some items that you’d like to have in your home! We carry a large variety of smoking items including Ash Trays, Cigar Accessories, Cigarette Savers, Lighters, FlashTenders™, and Retractable Reels. We carry some of the most popular high quality brands in the industry including Bic®, Zippo®, Snub One™, CigJig®, Lighter Leash®, Tablecraft, and our very own line of BarConic® smoking tools. So if you are a smoker, know someone who is, or you have customers who smoke, check out these great items today!

New from and Lighter Leash® we bring you the CigJig® Cigarette Saver. Enjoy this fun little video demonstration on how it works to "Save Your Cigarettes!" If you are a smoker, you know how expensive cigarettes are these days. Produced by the Team.


If you are an establishment that permits smoking, then you know how quickly you seem to go through ashtrays! We are happy to offer many different styles of ashtrays to find your needs. Everything from economical plastic ashtrays that you commonly find in bars, to high quality glass ashtrays found in more high-end venues. All of our Ashtrays are priced to beat all competitors! Buy in bulk and save even more!

Lighter Leash®

The registered trademark Lighter Leash® and the multiple patents that protect it were filed by Mark Hastings founder and CEO of Inc. Shortly after starting, Mark developed the Lighter Leash® so a bartender could easily and quickly lite a customer’s cigarette (when he was a bartender, people could smoke in Bars and Restaurants). Realizing that not only Bartenders loved the product, Mark packaged it in retail displays and tested it in local convenience stores next to Bic lighters. “They sold great locally, however the true challenge turned out to be getting them distributed. They sat for years in our warehouse until an employee at BarProducts needed to earn a higher paycheck.” Read the story how a pregnancy sparked the rise of lighter leash®.

Cigar Accessories

Who doesn't enjoy a stogie every now an again? Whether it be in celebration, a daily occurrence or a compliment to your favorite Scotch, having cigar accessories handy is always a good thing! Browse our selection of Cigar Slicers and Cutters as well as Ashtrays designed to securely hold your cigar in place and other accessories.

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  • Standard Black Ashtray

  • Standard Red Ashtray

  • Crystal Hexagon Cigar Ashtray in Gift Box

  • Low Profile Round Ashtray

  • Square Ashtray - Modern Style

  • Stainless Steel Ashtray

  • Semi Square Stainless Steel Ashtray

    Regular Price: $3.95

    Sale Price: $1.95

  • Rounded Stainless Steel Ashtray

  • Straight Edge Stainless Steel Ashtray

  • Stainless Steel Wind Proof Ashtray

  • Two Piece Ashtray

  • Ashhole Ashtray

  • Light Up Ashtray

  • V-Cut Cigar Cutter

  • Cigar Cutter

  • Bottle Opener and Lighter Multi Tool

  • Zippo® Lighters

    As Low As: $0.60
  • Bic® Lighter

  • Childproof Lighters

  • FlashTender™ Retractable Lighter and Bottle Opener

  • FlashTender™ Replacement Lighter/Openers

  • Original Lighter Leash - Single

  • Mini Premium Clip Lighter Leash®

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - U.S. Grunge Flag

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - Carbon Fiber

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - Tie Dye

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - Evil Skulls

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - Hazard

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - Polka Dots

  • Kolorcoat™ Mini Opener, Reel and Lighter Leash® Clug SET - Cute Skulls


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