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We like to think of our "Machines" category as one that features items that are electrical, and for the most part, portable. Within this section we offer a wide selection ofBlenders, Mixers and Juicers. We also have included some other handy products such as Money Counters, Counterfeit Detectors and Laminators for your office needs.
Blenders & Mixers

At the rate you sell frozen drinks, the last thing you want to do is make it in a small, slow blender. We have a great collection of large, high powered blenders and mixers. You'll be making those Piña Colada's and Daiquiri's (or those dreaded Miami Vice's) as fast as a flip of a switch.


There isn't anything much better than a cocktail made from fresh squeezed citrus juices! If you are a mixologist that prides themselves in using the freshest ingredients, then a juicer is definitely a machine you should have at hand. We offer styles from commercial juicers to manual juicers. Everything to fit your citrus juice needs.


Laminators can serve many great purposes in the bar or restaurant environment. Keep your bar and table menus protected from mess and spill damages with our Photo and Document Laminators. Ideal for home and office use.

Counterfeit Detectors

If there is anything worse than a walk out or a stiff, it's a counterfeit bill. Especially when it's in your drawer or safe! Don't take any large bills again without checking it with one of our Counterfeit Detectors. And for those long, busy nights behind the bar, we offer cash counters as well!

Money Counters

After a long, tiring shift, the last thing we want to do is sort the cash and change. That's why we offer a selection of Cash Counters and Change Sorters, saving you loads of time.

Ice Crusher

Crushed ice is a common request in the hospitality and bartending industry. Serve up your cocktails and other beverages like a master mixologist by crushing your own ice. Choose from a selection of ice crushers to fit the perfect one to suite your needs.

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  • Hamilton Beach Commercial Container Rinser BCR100

  • Hamilton Beach® Eclipse™ High-Performance Quiet Blender

  • WARING Single Head Drink Mixer

  • WARING Margarita Madness Blender

  • WARING BB155 Commercial Blender

  • WARING BB155S Commercial Blender

  • WARING BB180 Commercial Blender

  • Vita-Mix® BarBoss - 48 oz Blender Container

  • VITA-MIX Rinse-O-Matic

  • VITA-MIX Bar Boss - Advance

  • Vitamix® Touch and Go 32oz On-Counter Blending System

  • Vitamix® Touch and Go 32oz In-Counter Blending System

  • VITA-MIX Portion Blending System

  • Chef'n® Juicester™ Citrus Juicer

  • Professional Juicer - Chrome

  • Sunkist Commercial Electronic Juicer

  • Update International MJHD-21N 20-1 / 2" Pro-Restaurant Juicer

  • Omega 8006 Masticating Juicer

  • Original Omega 1000 Centrifugal Juicer

  • Photo and Document Laminator - 4 inch

  • Photo and Document Laminator PLUS - 9 inch

  • Photo and Document Laminator - 13 inch

  • Counterfeit Detector

  • Counterfeit Detector - 4-Way UV Mag

  • Cash Counter with Counterfeit Detector - 1500 BPM

  • Cash Counter with Counterfeit Detector

  • Coin Wrappers - 360 pack

  • Manual Coin Sorter - 1 Row

  • Electric Coin Sorter - 1 Row

  • Electric Coin Sorter - 2 Row

  • Electric Coin Sorter - 4 Row

  • 1000BPM Cash Counter

  • Chrome Round Ice Crusher

  • Copper Polished Citrus Press - Commercial Grade


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