4" Keg Tap Cylinder Hand Pump with Lever, Tap Faucet and Hose

4" Keg Tap Cylinder Hand Pump with Lever, Tap Faucet and Hose

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The D Systems (American Sankey) is considered the most versatile and abundant valve available. Major American breweries, such as Anheuser-Busch and Miller use D system valves. Therefore, this 4" Cylinder Hand Pump with Lever Handle and Faucet/Hose is your best choice for tapping your keg at parties, events, barbecues and more! Fabricated with a forged brass base and chrome plated air pump. The base has been rendered in a tin-nickel plate to reduce the risk of corrosion in all environments. It also features a 4" long stroke plastic faucet with squeeze trigger.

  • Compatible with most domestic brand kegs
  • Forged brass base and chrome plated air pump
  • Lever handle for easy keg tapping
  • 4" Chrome plated pump
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