1000BPM Cash Counter

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  • 1000BPM Cash Counter

1000BPM Cash Counter

Sku: CTR-650PRO

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This 1000BPM Cash Counter is a great solution for all your money counting needs. It's back-loading system can hold up to 130 bills and counts at a fast 1000 bills per minute, saving your time and effort. This counter can be programmed to add bills and count them into batches from 1 to 999. Batch mode allows you to "batch" or preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to, then stop, and wait for the counted bills to be removed before continue counting the remaining bills in the hopper.
  • Automatically starts counting when bills are placed in the hopper, and automatically stops counting when bills run out
  • The machine will run an automatic self test every time it is turned on to ensure accurate bill counting
  • LED Display
  • 2 hour duty cycle for heavy, reliable usage
  • Features a 2 hour duty counting cycle for reliable and continuous counting you can count on. It can count up to 60,000 bills per hour or 480,000 bills per day.
  • Comes with 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Dimension: 6" H x 11" L x 9" W
  • Available in Continental US only.
Batching, Adding, and Dimension Detection
  • Add mode allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a maximum of 999 bills
  • Dimension Detection will check the center width of bills to detect mis-sized bills such as foreign currency.
  • The machine will run an automatic self test every time it is turned on to ensure accurate bill counting
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