What is a Jigger?

What a Jigger Is

A Jigger is a small tool that is used to measure the proper amount of alcohol that should be added to a cocktail. Jiggers can be made of metal, plastic, or glass, and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Jiggers are one of the most basic devices that every bartender should know how to use and utilize for making drinks. The standard jigger is shaped like an hourglass, with 1 side measuring 1.5oz, which is the size a traditional shot. The smaller side of the jigger is often called a "pony" shot and typically measures 1oz.

Modern day jiggers also come in every style and measuring unit imaginable. There are jiggers in ounce or milliliter measurements. Many bar owners prefer their bartenders to use jiggers over the free pour method that can result in bartenders over-pouring or under-pouring cocktails, and the bar eventually losing money.

Making Cocktails is technically an art, and to achieve the best tasting cocktails the perfect ratio of spirits to mixers must be used. Mixologist and bartenders everywhere can benefit from using jiggers.

Standard Bar Measuring Jigger

BarConic® Standard Double Sided Jigger

9 times out of 10 you will see this Jigger used at Bars. It is our most popular selling liquor measurer, and it is available in 9 different measurement combinations. Stock up a variety of sizes so your bartenders will always be able to measure cocktails perfectly. Plus at only 96¢ each, you can not beat this unbelievable wholesale price!

Metric Bar Jigger

Metric Jigger

These sleek looking bar jiggers utilize the British Metric System. The standard size of this jigger is 25mL x 50mL, but we offer it in 4 convenient sizes. If you prefer the metric system, you will absolutely love this bar jigger.

Plastic Bar Jiggers

Plastic Jiggers With Measuring Lines

Plastic Bar Jiggers are great because bartenders can see through them. Since they are transparent, they can feature multiple measuring lines right in the same tool. These handy jiggers feature 6 different measurements in each one. Plastic jiggers are great for bars that don't have a lot of bar space but want many sized jigger options.

Jigger with Handle

Stainless Steel Jigger with Handle

Traditional style bar jiggers would have handles carved from natural bone that gave them an elegant and distinct look. We have given our jiggers the same look, but with a more modern stainless steel handle that allows for a quick and easy flip to get to either side of the jigger quickly.

Professional Marked 2oz Shot Glass

Professional Marked 2oz Shot Glass

Glass style jiggers may not be preferred by bartenders that store their tools close to an ice well, but they feature very nice easy to read lines. This glass is especially great for quick measured shot pours and in conjunction with very quick pour spouts like the Flop Top Liquor Pourers.

Jigger Bar Measuring Cube

Jigger Cube

This is undoubtedly a modern measuring bar tool! It is a super solid jigger that is almost impossible to break. It has 6 different measures on the sides of the cube, and is meant for slow methodical pouring of liquor. It is more ideal for master mixologist or home bartenders as opposed to fast paced bars.

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