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  • Vaportini
  • Vaportini
  • BarConic® 15 ounce Mixing / Pub Glass



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Since the dawn of time, man has found ways to make and consume alcohol. Whether it be from a mead jug, a bottle or a dignified crystal vessel, the primary method of consumption has always been to drink. Borrowing from aromatherapy and the medicinal herb culture, it’s now easier than ever to vaporize alcohol. Packed with flavor and smooth, vapors of alcohol are inhaled. Think of it as smoking without the carcinogens mixed with drinking without the full belly. As alcohol is vaporized, it is carried quickly into your blood stream and you quickly feel the effects of the alcohol that you’ve always loved. Unlike drinking, there are no impurities, carbohydrates, calories, wasted plastic cups or anything to mix. Load up the Vaportini, slowly inhale and enjoy the social benefits of your favorite liquor without the wait or the waste.
Additional info
  • Made of glass
  • Package included: 1 x glass sphere, 1 x glass straw, 1 x metal vaportini ring, 1 x plastic funnel, and 1 x candle
  • Dimension: 12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm
  • Download PDF Instructions.
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