Sonic Foamer - Taste and Aroma Enhancer for Beer

Sonic Foamer - Taste and Aroma Enhancer for Beer


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So what is a “Sonic Foamer”? It is actually an extremely cool product, ideal for home brewers and craft beer lovers.

Basically how it works is, using a calibrated ultrasonic vibration that invisibly passes through water and into beer, gases are activated creating consistent sized bubbles for a perfect foam head. This maximizes the aroma-enhancing qualities of your brew, making each sip as enjoyable as the first. In a normally poured beer, the foam head dissipates rather quickly, and with this eliminate the aroma that craft beer drinkers wildly appreciate.

The Sonic Foamer uses sound waves to gently pulsate a pint of brew and coax the bubbles into a lovely head and aroma. Simply add a little water to the well, place a 2/3 full pint of beer in the holder and turn it on! To see this product in action, be sure to watch the “How it Works Video” and the product review below.

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