Pourer Comparison Chart

All pourers where fitted to a 1 Liter Bottle filled with water, and timed to test their flow strength. "Time" below is the average amount of time it took to empty the bottle completely.

Bug Protection
Color Options
Price/ Single*
Cap-On™ Liquor Pourer Cap-On™ 57.24 sec
    The Cap-On™ Liquor Pourer is designed to accommodate the precision pour of your favorite top shelf liquors, and still store them with the "cap on". No more over-pours on your expensive liquors.
Plastic Liquor Pourer Plastic Pourer 56.89 sec  
  Variety of color options at a great price! Great for outside bars.
Spill Stop® Plastic Pourers Spill Stop® Plastic Pourers 60.00 sec  
  Molded of an extremely soft flexible material that will last indefinitely.
Flop Top Liquor Pourer Flop Top 41.00 sec
  High-Quality Plastic. Pours accurately and smooth. The Flop Top Cap attached to the spout. Prevents annoyances such as fruit flies and evaporation of alcohol.
Whiskey Collared liquor Pourer Whiskey Collared 47.53 sec  
Feature a long neck for more accurate pours and a curved spout for reducing spillage with collar for additional spill protection.
Whiskey No Collared Liquor Pourer Whiskey N/C 47.53 sec
Feature a long neck for more accurate pours and a curved spout for reducing spillage.
Snap Cap Liquor Pourer Snap Cap 48.71 sec
Unique Oval Design makes one handed use "a snap". An excellent pour speed combined with an ergonomic design. One of the best pourers on the market today. Totally eliminates fruit flies or other insects from entering the bottle.
Flap Strap Liquor Pourer Flap Strap 51.57 sec
Pours accurately with a smooth flowing motion. The best feature is the Flap Strap that is attached to the spout. Simply flick it open with your thumb and the cap will open up, one quick flick back and it's closed again.
Slide Stop Liquor Pourers Slide Stop Pourers 54.67 sec
The slide stop pourer is a new spin on having a built in cap on a pourer. The built in cap makes it easy to seal your liquor bottles when not in use.
Spill Stop® 285-50 Spill Stop® 285-50 51.14 sec       The pour that started a revolution, the original Spill Stop® 285-50 is known for it's consistent quality and pour speed. A standard for most world class bartending competitions. Made in the USA.
BarConic® 304SS™ Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers 51.59 sec       Styled after the popular Spill Stop® 285-50 , these tapered metal pourers offer control, accuracy, and the most perfectly consistent pour speed every time. High quality stainless steel with a durable rubber cork.
Prism™ Liquor Pourers Prism™ Pourers 51.14 sec
Styled after the popular Spill Stop 285-50, Prism Pourers offer similar quality. These are the first metal pourers that are color coded to offer operators a chance to price code or color coordinate their liquor inventory.
pill Stop® 285-51 Liquor Pourer Spill Stop® 285-51 51.14 sec    
The original Spill Stop 285-51 is known for it's consistent quality and pour speed, and is now available with a collar. Made in the USA.
Spill Stop® 285-60 Liquor Pourer Spill Stop® 285-60 51.14 sec       These tapered metal pourers are the same size as a 285-50 except they have a larger diameter cork to fit an oversize bottle neck. Some larger sized bottles have a bigger neck and standard pour spouts tend to leak.
Spill Stop® 220-50 Liquor Pourer Spill Stop® 220-50 22.24 sec       The Spill Stop® 220-50 features a wider spout for faster pourers. Great for the busy bartender who demands an accurate and fast pour. Made in the USA.
Spill Stop® 220-51 Liquor Pourer Spill Stop® 220-51 22.24 sec    
The Spill Stop® 220-51 features a wider spout for faster pourers, along with a great looking collar. Great for the busy bartender who demands an accurate and fast pour. Made in the USA.
Curved Jet Metal Pourer Curved Jet Metal Pourer 21.92 sec       This quality curved metal pourer is known as the "Super Jet" pourer. Fast, smooth flow every time.
Jet Liquor Pourer Jet Pourer 21.92 sec       This quality metal liquor pourer is known as the "jet pourer" for it's fast pouring speed.
Tapered Metal Pourer with Flap Cover Tapered Metal Pourer w/ Flap 59.91
  Introducing the Tapered Metal Pourer with a metal flap. Great for those states that require pour spout protection.
Ambassador Liquor Pourer Ambassador 52.85 sec       This chrome plated pourer features a longer nozzle, and larger hole for a faster than average pour speed.
Executive Chrome Liquor Pourer Executive 54.93 sec    
Many bartenders prefer the look and control of the Chrome Executive Pourer. Whether you need one or a gross, you can count on us for a good price.
Round Screened Liquor Pourer Round Screened 73.55 sec
Tired of hearing, "There's something floating in my drink"? Here's a great solution. High quality screened pourers. These have a good pour speed and are priced right. Available with or without collar.
Square Screened Liquor Pourers Square Screened 51.95 sec
Help keep your liquor bottles clean with the best selling screened pourer on the market! These screened pourers have a high quality nylon screen and an attractive transparent plastic shell.
Screened 220 Liquor Pourer Screened 220 72.04 sec
  The world's first screened metal pourer. Alcohol loss to fruit flies can be staggering not to mention embarrassing. Keep those pests at bay with these quality metal pourers.
Flashing Liquor Pourers Flashing Pourers 112.12 sec  
Liquid Activated to save battery power. Bring some attention to specific bottles, or enhance your bottle spins.

*Price/ Single is the lowest advertised price for an individual liquor pourer. Many Liquor Pourers are only sold in packages of 12 for the convenience of the buyer, and are not available as singles.

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