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Jon Taffer Shop and Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer are pleased to introduce the Official Signature Jon Taffer Bar Kits! The industry's leading expert in bar and restaurant success, Jon Taffer takes the guesswork out of your drink-making tool selection, utilizing years of experience and creativity in the form of hand-selected, Taffer-branded, bar kits. Whether you're a bartender looking for a "grab-bag" of bar essentials, a home bar enthusiast looking to entertain, or are simply looking for the ideal tool-set to make your favorite drink, these kits are for you. Every unique kit brings with it a Recipe Book tailored towards the tools in that kit. You'll be sure you're making the right drinks with the right tools, every time! Be sure to check out additional "Swag" in the form of "SHUT IT DOWN!" t-shirts and buttons. Whether gift-giving or looking to add to an already impressive professional or home-bar collection, the Official Signature Jon Taffer Bar Kits match the right tools for the right occasion!

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