Jon Taffer Signature Bar Kit - JON FASHIONED

Jon Taffer Signature Bar Kit - JON FASHIONED


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Availability: In stock

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Jon Taffer Signature Bar Kit - JON FASHIONED Jon Taffer Signature Bar Kit - JON FASHIONED

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Jon Taffer Signature Old Fashioned Glass - 10 ounce Jon Taffer Signature Old Fashioned Glass - 10 ounce
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Jon Taffer Signature Mixing Glass - 16 ounce Jon Taffer Signature Mixing Glass - 16 ounce
Sku: GWWBD87147-TAF

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Minimum Order: 1

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Hand-selected by Jon Taffer himself, this Signature Jon Fashioned Kit is one that represents Jon's passion for the classic cocktails. It's no secret that Jon is known to have a taste for the Old Fashioned as well as its variants. This home bar kit showcases the ability to create fantastic aromas and flavors by using a "stirred" method and chilling without diluting. Included is a set of 4 "Jon Taffer Signature" imprinted 10 ounce Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses, perfect for serving up your crafts in style. The shape and size of these glasses accommodate the trendy ice ball mold also included (2) in this kit. Ice balls not only look cool, but they serve the purpose of chilling your spirits without melting quickly and diluting like smaller ice chunks tend to do.

The Jon Taffer Signature 15 ounce Mixing Glass will allow you to stir in your variety of flavors and ingredients with the Trident Tip Bar Spoon, while the stainless steel muddler with serrated face will allow you to muddle your way to the most unique and inviting mixtures. The twisted handle of the bar spoon allows for superior grip and control while in use, and the fork tip can also be used as a garnish picker as well. Once you have stirred in your ingredients, use the 2-Prong Hawthorn Cocktail Strainer to strain away ice and other particles into your serving glasses.

Also included in this kit is a 5 ounce bottle of the popular Peychaud's Bitters and a stainless steel Citrus Y-Peeler with Black Grip, used to perfect your garnishing skills. Not to mention, Mr. Taffer has also created a Jon Fashioned Recipe Guide pertaining to this bar kit showcasing a collection of Old Fashioned inspired cocktails.

Jon Taffer is respected for his expertise and knowledge in the bar industry, as well as for his bar consultation as the host on the popular television show, Bar Rescue.


  • (4 x) Imprinted Jon Taffer Signature - 10 ounce Old Fashioned Glasses
  • Imprinted Jon Taffer Signature - 15 ounce Mixing Glass
  • Set of 2 Silicone Ice Ball Molds
  • 5 ounce Bottle of Peychaud's Bitters
  • Stainless Steel Bar Spoon with Twist Handle and Trident Tip
  • 2-Prong Stainless Steel Hawthorn Cocktail Strainer
  • Stainless Steel Citrus Y-Peeler with Black Rubber Grip
  • Stainless Steel Muddler with Serrated Face
  • Jon Fashioned Recipe Guide - 27 Recipes
    Thank you for considering a Jon Taffer Signature Bar Kit. This exclusive Taffer Bar Kit includes all the tools necessary for you to make and enjoy excellent cocktails. During my years of experience running and operating bars and restaurants, I've had the privilege of working with some of the best Chefs and Mixologists in the world. I have tasted countless cocktails and dishes and have chosen my favorites to share with you in my Signature Recipe book included with this kit.

    Great cocktails are all about great times with friends and family, so enjoy, and please drink responsibly!

    - Jon Taffer

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