Ice Mold Tube Luges - 21

Ice Mold Tube Luges

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Availability: Out of stock

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Ice Mold Tube Luges - 21 Ice Mold Tube Luges - 21
Sku: IM-21

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Minimum Order: 1

Why pay for and expensive professional Ice Sculptor when you can mold one right in your own freezer? With an easy mold and tubing system we offer several different designs to suit any party! Please click on image to see pictures of all styles offered.
FILLING (add food coloring if you desire)
  • Pour water to halfway seam-line (approx. 1 Gallon). Do not fill to the top!
  • Freeze for 24 hours
  • Fill to top with cold water (Warm water will cause cracking)
  • Freeze for additional 24 hours
DE-MOLDING (Wear protective gloves, and take your time!)
  • Gently remove your ice luge from the freezer. Allow the mold to acclimate for approxinately 10-15 minutes before cutting the seal. Ice is sensitive and cracks easily when leaving a freeze.
  • Use a utility knife and/or scissors to cut along the seam of the mold.
  • Gently peel the mold from the ice. Any imperfections or residuein the ice may be scrapped smooth or buffed with a wet towel. DO NOT RUN UNDER A FAUCET
  • Straighten out the aluminum at the end of the mold and pull the aluminum wire using the handle or pliers.
  • Pull tubing out. It may be neccessary to pull at both ends to release it from the ice.
  • Place back in freezer , gently, if it is not being used immediately.

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