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Hypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener

Free Spinner Ring included!


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Availability: In stock

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Hypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener - Neon PinkHypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener - Neon Pink

Minimum Order: 1

Hypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener - Neon GreenHypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener - Neon Green

Minimum Order: 1

Hypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener - Neon YellowHypno-Tipping Kolorcoat™ Speed Opener - Neon Yellow

Minimum Order: 1

Minimum Order: 1

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This opener works great with our Magnetic Clips!

Hypnotize your customers into giving you bigger tips. Ok, so this opener wont hypnotize them, but it will give them something to stare at and be mesmerized by while your making there drinks. Keep your guests entertained by spinning your opener in front of them and who knows, you just might get bigger tips.

*Note that the Green and Yellow are the brightest glow under the black-light. Pink will glow also, but not as much. Also, these are not glow in the dark, they are black-light reactive.

Check out the video to see it in action!

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