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How To Become A Truly Exceptional Bartender (E-Book)


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Fill your Tip Jar with more CASH every night!
You can be reading this eBook on your phone, tablet, computer or a print out in the next 5 minutes. Scott Young is considered by many to be one of the best Bartending Trainers in the world.

Scott has created a step by step guide that will help you serve your 'Guests" better, get higher sales and make you more money. Drawing from his own experiences and thousands of other bartenders he's trained & learned from, this is the ULTIMATE guide that will help you improve your customer service skills and put lots of extra cash in your pocket.

Author Scott Young, is an internationally known bartender/teacher/DVD Creator (25 Titles) & Featured Speaker at NC & Bar Magazine and Bar & Beverage Trade Shows

He is back after a car accident with the release of his New eBook 199 Ways To Increase Your Tips!
How To Become A Truly Exceptional Bartender - Over 300 Pages


  1. Understanding the Big Picture
  2. Preparing for Game Time
  3. Game Time
  4. Develop People Skills
  5. Remember Who You Serve
  6. Learn Some Flair Bartending Moves!
  7. Include Your Guests In the Fun
  8. Shooters with Fire
  9. Sexy Stuff
  10. Funny Stuff :)
  11. Tricks of the Trade
  12. Bar Bets, Games & Magic
  13. Props & Toys
  14. When Money Changes Hands
  15. The Science of Tipping
  16. Thoughts to Leave You With...


Daniel R. Scoggin I highly recommend Scott's book "199 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR TIPS!’. At Friday's we were known for a great bar. Scott's tips will save you years of trial and error and will put you in the money from the start. Just remember it's about the basics and being 'real’.

Daniel R. Scoggin - Founder & Original CEO of TGI Fridays


Robert Plotkin“I just finished reading a book that I’m certain many of my colleagues in the bartending and hospitality world would want to know about. In fact, I think it’s a book they NEED to know about. It concerns how to earn more tips behind the bar. It’s written by industry celeb Scott Young of Vancouver, B.C.

The book is jam packed with spot-on advice that someone can put into play moments after reading. If I had had this book back when I was tending bar, I’d be taller, healthier and better looking!”

Robert Plotkin (Bar Guru, Author of 16 Hospitality Industry Books, Sought after Consultant-


Bill MainScott Young’s “199 Ways to Increase Your Tips” is a seamless, to-the-point and upbeat guide to the subtleties and nuances of how bartenders earn gratuities… and create frequent guests. It’s a perfect blending of ideas, graphics and quotes that help the reader “connect knowing with doing.” It will become one of the “Profit Tools from Bill Main.”

Bill Main FCSI, CSP


Love your practical down to earth approach. I am sure you are helping a lot of bartenders both experienced and inexperienced. I wish you continued success.

Daniel R. Scoggin - Founder & Original CEO of TGI Fridays


199 Ways To Increase Your Tips! Could be called How To Win Friends And Influence People For Bartenders. Should be required reading for every person behind a bar.

Melina M. Executive


Scott knows his stuff! This is a must have for any bartender or wanna be bartender. Even if you're a server, you can learn how to increase your bottom line. Don't change your wants to meet your income, change your income to meet your wants. With this ebook, you can do just that!

Tony Hardwick25 yrs Bartending


Hi Scott! I downloaded your book yesterday (199 Ways to Increase Your Tips) and finished it today. I guess you are a captivating writer, I blew through that book pretty quickly! I am definitely trying out a few of these suggestions this week, I will try to take some notes on how they work/don't work for me. Just wanted to say thanks and great book! haha, also, that was the most enjoyable reading I've done all semester, probably why I devoured it!

April Ridge


There is a plethora of knowledge contributed here, so bartenders.....want to become GREAT???!!! Learn from the best!

Robbie Flair Turek


I took a look through your book, 199 Ways To Increase Your Tips, and here are my impressions. First off, Nice Job! You have a lot of really relevant content and I know how hard it is to put that much information on paper. The material seems well thought out and good advice. It makes me proud to have worked with someone who continues to do so much to advance this profession.

Jeff Reid

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N. Kevin
  the 02/07/2015
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Book is an instant download, the link in is provided. The Book, has nothing new to add, if you have worked in the customer service industry.
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