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"How to be a DJ" by DJ Chuck Fresh


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You’ve seen them at weddings and clubs. You’ve heard them on the radio. DJs who get paid for talking, playing music, and having fun. Now you can, too. "How to Be a DJ" shows you how. You’ll learn all about the three different types of Disc Jockey jobs: radio, nightclub and bar, and mobile. "How to Be a DJ" gives you everything you’ll need to be successful in all three fields by showing you how to get started and how to get ahead. Learn the major advantages and disadvantages of each field. Covers group dynamics, contests, promotions, music, equipment, terminology, trade secrets, and so much more. Get ready to fulfill your DJ dreams!

Completely covers all three DJ disciplines—radio, bars and clubs, and private parties—from the creative end to the business end of successfully working as a DJ.

Explains and offers hardware and software recommendations pertaining to the current Digital Music movement, with extensive equipment setup diagrams for beginners.

Approaches the topic in a straightforward, how-to manner based on the author’s personal experiences and observations.

Includes marketing tips and tricks to help readers break in to the business.

A perfect place to start for new DJs and a great solution current DJs trying to find their way in this competitive industry.

Table of Contents:

  1. Radio DJs
  2. Becoming a Nightclub or Bar DJ
  3. Mobile/Private Party DJs
  4. Mobile and Club DJ Equipment
  5. The Music
  6. Beatmixing, Remixing, and Scratching
  7. The Master of Ceremonies
  8. DJ Associations
  9. The Digital Domain
  10. Planning for the Future

Here's what people are saying about this awesome book:

"I have been a mobile and club jock for over 10 years, and I never thought of some of the things the author has put in this book, like some of those great marketing tips and his insights into people's behavior. Gets you thinking on a different level. This is another kick-ass booklet that I highly recommend for beginners as well as seasoned pros like myself. It's got a great section on beatmixing and scratching too! If you're really serious about being a real DJ and you're ready to make some money, invest a few dollars in this book."
-Corey M from Greenville, NC

Chuck Fresh is a DJ with experience in nightclubs, weddings, and radio. You can hear his wacky radio commercials all over the U.S. He's also been a contributing writer and featured panelist for Nightclub and Bar Magazine. Chuck's other books include "Make Some Noise: Over 200 Great Things to do in a Nightclub or Bar", "A DJ's Guide to Latin Music", and "Extreme Marketing".

"Over the past 15 years, I've been keeping notes on my experiences as a mobile, club and radio disc jockey in the Philadelphia area. I learned from my mistakes and at the same time made some groundbreaking discoveries. Now you can have what I didn't; all these hard knock lessons and secrets in one convenient place! This book is well worth the money. You could earn what you paid for this book in one hour of one job. Sure wish this was around when I started out!"
-Chuck Fresh

At only $19.95 for a lifetime worth of secrets and knowledge that can change your life, it's a bargain that just can't be beat. Even if you've been doing this a while now, you can finally learn all the information you need to finally tie the whole thing together. One hour of any paid gig will pay for this valuable book!

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