Herb and Lou's Flavor Infused Ice Cubes - 3 Flavor Options (12 pack)

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  • Herb and Lou's Flavor Infused Ice Cubes - 3 Flavor Options (12 pack)
  • Flavor Infused Ice Cubes
  • Infused Ice Cubes - 3 Flavor Options
  • Herb and Lou's Flavor Infused Ice Cubes - 3 Flavor Options (12 pack)

Herb and Lou's Flavor Infused Ice Cubes - 3 Flavor Options (12 pack)


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These flavor infused ice cubes are definitely something that will take your craft cocktail to the next level! Just imagine what these essential "best-sourced" ingredients can bring to the unique flavors of your Vodka, Bourbon and Tequila concoctions. Herb and Lou's Infused Cubes are pre-mixed and ready to be dropped right into your glass after freezing, and mingle with the robust flavors of your liquors, mixers and seltzers. For ultimate infusion, shake... for subtle infusion, stir. Regardless, the unique element brought on by these cubes will certainly take your cocktail from ordinary to extraordinary!

Choose from 3 different cube flavors:

THE CLYDE: Imagined for Vodka. Peach with Benedictine-Inspired Herbs & Artisanal Bitters. Concocted after the Gypsy Queen cocktail, a very popular cocktail dating back to the 1930's made from Benedictine liqueur. The Clyde Infused cubes have added a touch of peach in lieu of sugar, hand-crafted bitters and a slight citrus zest to elevate the Vodka.

THE CECILE: Imagined for Tequila. Cucumber & Watermelon with Clover Honey & Thyme. The sweet flavor of Watermelon is the perfect counterpoint to the green, grassy astringency and crispness of Cucumbers. Thyme warms the fruits while the clover honey's sweet flowery flavor rounds-out this cocktail. With its own origins in hot climates, Tequila helps this blend a refreshingly delight, far surpassing a mere Margarita.

THE COOPER: Imagined for Bourbon. Blood Orange-Ginger Old Fashioned. The blood orange fruit is typically less acidic and sweeter than other oranges. Their raspberry like tartness acts as the perfect base for an original Whiskey cocktail, with classic ingredients like branded Cherries and Artisan Bitters. The addition of extracted Ginger adds a unique complexity to this time-honored favorite.

  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Cube + 1 Shot
  • 12 per box
  • Individually sealed and packaged
  • Each cube - 0.85 fl oz (25ml)

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