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Mike Mclean

Mike is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Flairco Inc. He is a former competitive flair bartender, and currently travels the globe promoting the concept of flair to bartenders everywhere. He is one of only a handful of Flair Bartenders' Association Certified Master Judges with hundreds of regional, national and international competitions to his credit. (FBA Master Judge Certification, FBA World Traveler, 1st at Southwestern Ontario Flair Championships)

Ray Foley

Ray has over 30 years of bartending and restaurant experience, is the Founder and Editor of BARTENDER® Magazine and is referred to as The Legend for all he has done for bartenders and bartending. BARTENDER® Magazine is the only magazine in the world specifically geared towards bartenders and is one of the very few primarily designed for alcohol servers. It is enjoying its 32nd year and currently has a circulation of OVER 105k and is still growing. He is also the founder of the BARTENDER "Hall of Fame"®

Cheryl Charming

Cheryl aka Miss Charming™ has tended bar all over America, but gained the bulk of her experience on a Caribbean cruise ship and at the wonderful world of Walt Disney. In 2000, Random House published her first book , and now she has written a total of 14 books, which is more books than any other author in the cocktail genre. She is currently the bar manager at the Bourbon O' Bar in the historic Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter. Everything Bartenders Book, A Little Book of Liquid Elegance

Dario Doimo

Dario was born in Leonberg, Germany. He attended the American Bartending School in Perugia, Italy. In 2005 at "Legends of Bartending 7", he shocked the entire flair world with a 2nd place finish. He worked for one of the most prestigious flair bars in the world, Kahunaville Las Vegas where he joined Team Kahuna and the AREA 51 Flair Team. In 2008 he was crowned World Champion of Legends of Bartending 10. He currently performs nightly at the world renown Rock ‘N’ Rita’s located inside of Circus Circus, Las Vegas.

Dean Serneels

Dean Serneels is the President and Founder of Flairco Inc. Dean is the inventor of the Flairco Flair bottle, the Flairco portable bar and has produced a set of four award winning bartender training DVD’s. He is an Inventor, Hospitality Consultant, Entertainer, and Motivator with over 20 years of bar experience. He is currently working as the Director of Beverage Applications for American Beverage Marketers. Dean has over 22 awards in the past 14 years. Some of the most prestigious of Dean’s awards are for contributions to the industry through corporate training, personal coaching of bartenders or assisting in running bartending competitions and promotional events.

Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer is a bar consultant, television personality, and author, best known as host of the reality series Bar Rescue on Spike. His first bar management job was at The Troubadour night club in West Hollywood in 1978, and he opened his first bar as owner in 1989. Taffer is credited for "inventing" the concept for NFL Sunday Ticket while serving a three-year term on the board of NFL Enterprises. In 2010, he was appointed as president of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group, a division of Questex Media Group, which is responsible for Nightclub & Bar Magazine as well as the annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show. He is one of the first six inductees in the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

Rodrigo Delpech

Rodrigo was born in Buenos Aires and is one of the biggest names in the history of flair bartending. He has 17 World Championship Flair Bartending titles. Today, he lives in Las Vegas and competes in Flair Competitions all over the world. Follow his career Rodo Watch

Christian Delpech

Christian Delpech has won 19 first place world championship titles and more than 50 first places from competitions around the world. Currently, you can still find him at the Carnaval Court bar. He works four days a week and spends the rest of his time with his son, and working on his company LLC.

Rob Husted

CEO BarWars L.L.C. CEO of and the FBA(Flair Bartenders Association) Rep for the Southeastern United States. He has been a bartender for over 19 years and Flair bartending, competing, organizing, judging and promoting Flair for over 14 years. He ranked as the most accurate bartender in the world for 2004. is the #1 resource in the world for Flair bartending and Mixology. He is also the chapter president of the United States Bartenders Guild Palm Beach. Rob also organizes and runs many BarWars LLC events including Flair Bartenders Shakedown, Bartenders Bash Series, BarWars LLC Bartender Challenge, Summer Flair & Mixology Matters... all are successful Bartending competitions and events in Florida.

Tony Abou-Gamin

Tony is widely regarded as one of the pioneering and leading bar professionals in the world. He grew up in the bar business, learning the craft from his cousin Helen David at the Brass Rail Bar in Port Huron, Michigan. He developed the cocktail program at Bellagio Las Vegas. In 2002 he won the Bacardi Martini World Grand Prix. He is one of the National Ambassadors of the U.S. Bartenders Guild and associate member of the Museum of the American Cocktail. He also operates his own beverage consulting firm specializing in bar staff training, product education and cocktail development. Keep with Tony by signing up for his newsletter at You can also pick up his DVD Modern Mixology, right here at

Brandon Wise

Brandon formed The Oregon Bartenders Guild in 2007 which is an an organization of bartenders, aficionados and industry professionals who together work to build community, educate, give back to local charities and raise the standard for bars and bartenders in our state. They find ways to give back to the community and raise the bar for our craft with every endeavor. The guild annually hosts Portland Cocktail Week that brings together bartenders from all over the world for a week of seminars and spirited events for both trade and consumer.

Junior Merino

Junior has been proclaimed as the best mixologist on the planet by various publications around the world. He trademark is the fusion of the kitchen and the bar. In 2005, Merino won first place in the International Bar Show with his 'Coming Up roses' cocktail. His company focuses on cocktail consulting, events and licensing. He also conceptualized 'Alchemix', a mobile school of mixology and the Molecular Bar. He has created an international Liquid Team and will continue to be a leader with his diverse work as a master mixologist, culinary expert, and innovative businessman.

Darcy O'Neil

Darcy has his diploma in chemistry. He spends most of his time writing about, and promoting, drink related topics. His work can be found at Art of Drink ( The site grew substantially when he transcribed a copy of Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide from the 1800s. He can also be found writing about original cocktail creations and other drink related topics. He also wrote his own book titled Fix the Pumps that preaches the importance of the early soda fountain.

Zack Prohaska

Zack is the creator of, the world's largest developed flair training website. It features hundreds of easy to follow 'how-to' tutorials hosted by Zack Prohaska, David Jennings, and 17 time world champion Rodo Delpech. Not to mention the numerous amazing Flair bartenders from all over the world who are joining the YouFlair team as "Pro Instructors." provides everyone an easier way to develop and hone your skills quickly and efficiently.

Scott Young

Founder, president and head instructor of . BAR SMART - The Performance Bartending Company, Inc. which was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada in January 1994. He travels nationally and internationally teaching staff training seminars, appearing at trade fairs, giving demonstrations and organizing/hosting bartending competitions. The FBA (Flair Bartenders Association), recognized Scott for having the most impact internationally as a trainer. Get a copy of his e-book titled "How to become a truly exceptional bartender".

Phil Raimondo

Philip Raimondo joined Beam in the fall of 2008 and serves as a National Accounts Manager, and on premise Master Mixologist. He has more than 20 years of experience in the beverage operations and the hospitality industry. He began his career as a bartender at T.G.I. Friday’s®. He has assisted in the opening of over 150 bars, nightclubs, hotels and full service restaurants all over the world. Philip’s beverage philosophy is to always focus on fresh ingredients, "You can only make great drinks from great products".

Gary Regan

Gary Regan, also known as gaz, is a multi-talented bartender. He writes the The Cocktailian, and is a founder of The Institute for Mindful Bartending. He works regularly with companies such as Diageo, and other major spirits producers and marketers, travels the world holding workshops, judging cocktail competitions, and making public appearances. He is the creator of Regans’ Orange Bitters. Check out his book The Joy of Mixology

Bob Johnson

Bob is a nationally recognized Beverage Management consultant who specializes in multi-unit management of nightclubs/bars and bartending. He has been in the bar business for over 50 years and is best known for his publication, "The Encyclopedia of Shooters", which launched the shooter revolution world wide. He also created America’s first certification program for bar managers, "CBM" (Certified Bar Manager).

Flair Bartenders Association

The FBA has grown to become the largest and most respected flair based organization in the world. The FBA is the global sanctioning body and the undisputed authority on the sport of flair bartending. With the creation of the FBA Pro Tour, it gave the sport a points chase for bartenders to compete year long and worldwide with their eye on Tour Championship.
"Service First | Flair Second | Competition Always"

Jims Addison President of FBA

James Allison

President & CEO of the FBA. Jim began his Flair career at QUEST in 1996 and competed until 2001 with best placing being 10th at LEGENDS 3. In 1999 he became the 1st official FBA judge. He currently spends his time running and judging competitions all over the world. "Flair is a mental state of mind that separates you from all those around you. Flair is the fuel that gets you out of bed and makes you strive to be better."

Ken Hall

Ken Hall

Ken Hall went from the humble beginnings of the Flair movement to become one of its top competitors and a true legend. He is the President and Owner of High Spirits Enterprises and has been creating cocktails for over 22 years. Ken is the creator Legends of Bartending Competition which has been called the “Superbowl of bartending" and was started in 1999 to bring all of the best flair bartenders in the world together to compete for the ultimate title in bartending. He is currently creating exciting master cocktails and menus for bars in Las Vegas. You can purchase one of his limited edition signed Flair Bottles today!

Tobin Ellis

Tobin Ellis

Tobin Ellis began his career in the bar industry in Upstate New York at the age of 18. He founded and served as president of the Flair Bartenders' Association. That combined with his growing reputation for designing drink lists, opening bars and unconventional style of training bartenders spread quickly and put him in high-demand. Ellis' experience in fresh mixology traces back to 1989; since that time he has racked up six national titles in mixology competitions including the USBG/Tales of the Cocktail Nationals (2009). He has organized and judged dozens of major bartending competitions and is a regular judge on NBC's "On the Rocks: The Search for America's Top Bartender."

Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin is an expert in the field of mixology and beverage management. He has over 30 years of hands-on industry experience augmented by 20 years as a consultant and writer. He has authored 16 books over the last twenty years based on his proven policies, procedures and operational strategies for profit generating beverage operations. Plotkin also writes for numerous trade magazines, including Wine Enthusiast, Cheers,Beverage Dynamics, Santé and Restaurant Hospitality. Some of his most famous books include The Bartender's Companion and The Original Pocket Guide.

As mixologists, bartenders and event planners we strive to provide top-notch service for our all of our clients. Our staff is highly trained and experienced and there is no better team who is able to engage your guests and compliment your event as well as ours.

We are able to provide you with a great staff no matter where your event is and the quality of our services reaches far beyond our fees. If you are looking for a way to serve up drinks with style at your event there is no one who does it better than the Slick Bartender.

Las Vegas Flair Academy

Las Vegas Flair Academy

The Las Vegas Flair Academy will teach you how to be a flair bartender in just two days. Never flipped a bottle before? No problem! Our professional trainers will take into consideration your abilities and they will create routines that meet your capabilities so after just two days you will be able to impress your guests at the bar. Our classes stress the importance of all aspects of bartending. We are the top bartending academy of our kind in North America and combined we have over 30 years of bartending under our belt. Several members of our staff hold world titles for Flair. We are dedicated to providing each of our students with the knowledge and tools to turn the profession of bartending into a means for them to get paid to have fun.

Giselle Marie

Giselle Marie

The corporate office was just not for me, so, I got into bartending. I've tended bar at major charity events, celebrity weddings, and film studios all over Los Angeles since I moved here in 2012. I started teaching recreational bartending workshops and I have since then created an online bartending school for those who wish to learn how to tend bar and be a freelance bartender. .

Renee Desrosiers

RI Bartending School - Rae Desrosiers

Rae Desrosiers is the owner of RI Bartending School. With time and a couple of great mentors she has grown to be a great success! Currently she spends her time learning and growing more knowledgeable in the bartending industry. She enjoys watching Bar Rescue, and is constantly learning from Jon Taffer. She is the number 4 TIPS trainer in the US, and her school is the only one in Rhode Island to be TIPS certified. She is proud that she can teach people to become great bartenders and also train them on how to keep people safe while drinking! She plans to continue to grow and teach people about alcohol and alcohol awareness! Rae makes sure that when bartenders graduate from her school they have the knowledge to do the right things and keep people safe while drinking!!!

Steve Leitgeb

Steve Leitgeb - Hospitality for Hire Online

I moved to the Tampa Bay Area in 1988 and bartended in the top night clubs Biarritz,Makos, Calypso Bay Cafe Turtle Club. Got into Management in 2003 at Quaker Steak and Lube and have been a Managing Partner for Winghouse since 2008. Started in 2016.

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