Flair Bag - Traveling Bartending Bag

Flair Bag - Traveling Bartending Bag


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An absolute must have for any bartender who takes their craft seriously. This black flair equipment bag boasts numerous superb features making it a one of a kind necessity for every bartender. This flair bartending equipment bag is unrivalled in space and security making it a one of a kind item. The bag is equipped with 4 durable wheels that allow it to glide over any surface with minimum movement to the interior cargo. The flair bag comes with an extendable telescopic handle to allow for smooth towing. There are so many spacious compartments that help you manage and arrange your bottles and bar equipment anyway you want. The bag has additional buckles to provide extra stability to all of your bartending utensils. There’s even a detachable compact case that’s perfect to store all of your small bartending accessories. This bag allows you to organize all of your equipment in a system that works best for you. The flair bag only weighs 4.2 kg and has a shoulder strap for additional carrying options. With this bag you can easily store up to 18 bottles and 22 shakers efficiently and securely. This bag has a very professional look creating a great first impression. An undeniable asset, this flair bag is a must-have for every flair and classic bartender.

Additional Information
  • Lightweight 4.2kg design that can be worn over the shoulder.
  • Detachable compact case.
  • Store up to 18 bottles and 22 shakers.
  • Removable interior for easy cleaning.

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