Write or Draw Anything!

Why advertise major liquor brands like Absolute at your bar when instead you can promote your own specials and events? Our line of napkin caddies, condiment holders, and salt rimmers sit right on top of your bar and present the perfect space for you to sell daily specials and inform customers of events.

The textured plastic surface works just like a chalkboard, and is easy to write on and easy to clean off. So, these "Chalk Friendly" products can hold a new message everyday! Got a good deal on rum? Advertise rum drinks on caddies or condiment holders right for your guests to see. Bike Night? Ladies Night? Happy Hour? The possibilities are endless!

chalk friendly bar napkin caddies
3 way napkin caddies chalk

3 Way Napkin Caddies

The 3 way caddy is the perfect solution to have extra napkins around the bar. Bartenders really only need straws by the well where they are making drinks, not all around the bar where customers can put their unsanitary hands all over them! Stock these caddies in corners, on bartops, and in your rails so that cocktail napkins are always within reach for the bartender.
3 way napkin caddies chalk

3 way napkin caddies chalk

5 Compartment Bar Caddies

The 5 Compartment Bar Caddy is useful for so many things! Now it is also great for messages and specials too. If your serving well is near bar guests you should utilize this "chalk friendly" surface. The writable surface on the sides of these caddies measures 5.5" x 3.75", so you have plenty of space to write info.
3 way napkin caddies chalk

6 Pint Condiment Holder

6 Pint Condiment Holder

Most of the time your garnish tray is going to be facing some customers, so use it for messages! These have a super large surface area, so your staff can go crazy writing and drawing on them. Regular 6 Pint Condiment Tray and Regular 6 Pint Condiment Tray both have "chalk friendly" surfaces and come in multiple colors that are able to be written on.
3 way napkin caddies chalk

salt rimmer

Salt Rimmer

Salt Rimmers may not be the best advertising space, but they are a great way for bartenders to leave messages to each other. Imagine the reminders that you can leave for the next crew, drink recipes, specials of the day, or what is in each rimmer. If the tops of each rimmer are labeled, you can keep them closed until needed and then quickly grab the one you need. We carry 4 colors that are "chalk friendly": black, red, green, blue.
salt rimmers chalk

*Chrome and Marble options are not "chalk friendly" for any of our products.

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