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Cap-On® Liquor Pourer - Dozen Pack

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Another great product from our iMix® line! The Cap-On™ Liquor Pourer is a great new revolutionary Pour Spout targeted to Home Bar Enthusiasts and Bar Owners alike. Designed to accommodate the precision pour of your favorite top shelf liquors, and still store them with the "cap on". No more over-pours on your expensive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey. This Cap-On™ Pour Spout has the accuracy of our 285-50 pourer.

Simply open your new favorite liquor bottle, insert the Cap-On™ pour spout, pour your cocktail as if you had the most professional pour speed and accuracy, and put the cap back on! This pourer is leveled off in order to allow the cap to be screwed back on as if it were never there. The best part is, that at a price like this, these pour spouts are disposable. When you are done with your bottle, the pourer gets trashed as well.

We all know that liquor starts to evaporate after a certain amount of time. That is why we like to keep the caps on our expensive top shelf bottles. Enjoy the benefit of having the cap-on preventing evaporation, fruit flies and overall cleanliness and still have the precision pour of a professional pour spout.

If you are serious about your liquor, then this Cap-On™ pour spout is a must to stock your bar with! Sold by the dozen, and by the case. Planning on selling these? Grab a nifty display bucket for only a dollar extra!


Alberta Straub

I love the Cap-On™! I plan to use them for all my shows. No more fruit flies! Plus, I love that I can recycle them by popping them off with a V-Rod™.
Alberta Straub - Cocktails on the Fly Videos

Chris Milligan

I highly recommend the Cap-On™ for both the home and professional bartender. They control the pour with better precision so I can measure more accurately. The Cap-On™ proved to work on liqueurs as well.
Chris Milligan - Santa Fe Barman Blog

Colleen Graham

The Cap-On™ is sweet! I love how you can get a perfect three-count pour then just put the cap back on and set the bottle back on the shelf without having to think about cleaning up speed pourers later. Great for parties and I can see private party bartenders using them all the time to tote specialty bottles from venue to venue. The one small draw back is using them with corked bottles, but the V-Rod™ can quickly pop them out.
Colleen Graham

David Nepove

I am in love with the Cap-On™! Genius!
David Nepove aka Mr. Mojito - Southern Wine and Spirits San Francisco

Junior Merino

I Like them!
Junior Merino - The Liquid Chef, Inc

Allen Katz

The Cap-on™ is nice, particularly for straight, standard spirits. I also like that you can put the cap back on the bottle.
Allen Katz - Southern Wine ans Spirits NYC

Robert Plotkin

I am pleased with the Cap-On™ and V-Rod™ is double groovy! Love them!
Robert Plotkin -

Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 56
Average rating : 4.8 /5
C. Virginia
  the 27/09/2016
5/ 5
S. Kevin
  the 27/09/2016
5/ 5
This worked perfectly for my home bar.
C. Gerald
  the 22/09/2016
4/ 5
These guys are a great addition to a home bar. I have one in the neck of every bottle they fit in (like 92% of my bottles), and they make pouring an ounce super easy. They also have the advantage of keeping your bottles capable without removing them, which is the reason why I bought them in the first place. I will say that I still need to use a jigger; you can almost time out a 4 second pour with these, but not quite. That being said, I'm not pouring straight up and down as recommended, more like a 70 degree angle. Regardless, it meters the pour in such a way that you can do a really fast ounce with a jigger really accurately, which is gold for me. Love these little things.
W. Lendi
  the 20/09/2016
5/ 5
Cap on is a huge plus
N. Frank
  the 14/09/2016
5/ 5
Wow, how can something so inexpensive work so well? I love these, especially because you can leave the pourer in place and then re-seal bottles with their original screw-on tops. (Does not work for corked bottles unless you remove the pourer.)
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