BarConic™ Master Mixology

You don't have to break the bank to serve top-of-the-line cocktails in style! Brands such as BarConic™ offer affordable tools and supplies that rival top name brands in quality, look, and performance. Check out this small collection of tools designed for professionals and home bar enthusiasts alike. Let's face it, half of bartending is presentation and performance, so we're here to help everyone look good behind the bar.

BarConic® Diamond Pattern Mixing Glass: The Elegant Way to Mix!

Whether you're stirring cocktails or presenting a glass for pouring table-side, these mixing beakers are the ideal choice. The iconic diamond pattern criss-cross etching provides grip and classic style.

BarConic® Diamond Pattern Mixing Glass's Bigger Brother

The same beautiful mixing glass, now at a larger 22oz size. Perfect for mixing up a few drinks at once.

Simple, Smooth, Affordable

At either 25 or 20 ounces, these mixing beakers are the sleek and simple alternatives to our BarConic® Diamond Pattern Mixing Glasses. Constructed of durable, thick glass.

Mint Juleps the Right Way

If you're priority is serving the right drink in the right glass/vessel, then you're on your way to master mixology. Our stainless steel cups are perfect for the Kentucky Derby's signature drink.

The Hottest Trend with Old School Roots

The history of the Moscow Mule is an interesting story. No matter how traditional or revamped your recipe is, the one thing that remains the same is the iconic copper mug.

Be Great in the Kitchen and Behind the Bar

Santoku knives are known for their versatility, which makes them ideal behind the bar for slicing citrus fruit, chopping herbs, and for finer detailing for exquisite garnish presentations.

Are Your Ice Cubes Actual Cubes?

Present perfectly squared ice cube blocks in your cocktails with this lightweight, flexible tray. Made of silicone for easy cube extraction.

Smooth, Consistent Pours

Sure, our BarConic™ 304SS pourers are affordable and are comparable to leading liquor pourers such as the Spill-Stop 185-50. But where they stand apart is their solid stainless steel construction which resists oxidation and holds up to international food safely standards. No plating on copper here!

A-peeling Citrus Tools

You can't beat the price of this Y Peeler from BarConic™! Peel just about any fruit and create exceptional garnishes with this handy, ergonomic bar tool.

When You're Serious About Cocktails... show up with all the right tools! This seven piece tool roll is a handy, easily-transportable collection of garnish tools for carving, paring, coring, zesting, and much more.

Shake it Up

While not always preferred for craft and working bartending, three piece shakers have been a staple in home bartending for decades and won't go away any time soon! Iconic and convenient, our deluxe cocktails shakers look great in any setting.

Upgrade your Martinis

Stuff your olives with bleu cheese, onions, peppers, garlic... or anything you want! This little tool can make a huge difference in taste and presentation.

Great for Gifts or for Beginners

This basic bartending tool set has been given the addition of the conical strainer, to use alone or in conjunction with the standard wire strainer. The rapidly growing popularity of the conical strainer is a testament to its versatility.

Stirred, not Shaken

The BarConic® Diamond Pattern Stirred bartending kit is a classy way to prepare and serve countless cocktails. When you love what you do, it should show in your choice of tools.

For Finishing Touches

Used for grating nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, cheese, garlic and more, this simple versatile tool is essential for craft cocktails, dessert drinks, and countless culinary applications.

Cut the Stem, Double the Appeal

Whether you're strict about obeying the rules of pairing correct glassware with cocktails, or revel in breaking the rules, you can't argue against glassware selection playing a large role in presentation and enjoyment. You'd be hard-pressed to find a craft cocktail that doesn't look sexy in our stemless cocktail glass!

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