Got what it takes? is very proud of our collection of featured artists. We work with upcoming fine artists, renowned illustrators, and folks in between. We're happy to work with more artists and see their work sell!

Who we need: Fine artists, illustrators, painters, etc... anyone with a distinct marketable style and a fanbase!
Who we don't need: "T-shirt art" and easy pop culture humor. There are a million people who have funny sayings and puns to stick on a product. Where do YOU stand out from the crowd?

Additional Info

Payment & Rights: All featured artists are paid quarterly, on commission, based on total artist sales. All contracts are identical among artists. Contacts and rates can be supplied to applicants after submission approval. YOU remain the copyright holder always. will never own your artwork. The contractual agreement allows limited rights for resale, and you also grant us permission to use your artwork or the purposes of the promotion/marketing of your work.

Audience: Keep in mind, our main demographic is working bartenders, men and women. We cater to all age groups but consider the working bartender in their 20s and 30s. Designs that POP out and grab attention sell the best. Edgy, sexy, tantalizing, eye-catching work is what we want to feature!

Limitations: Go as edgy as you want. Sexy sells, but we're not looking for pornography. We draw the line at intellectual property: All elements of your art MUST be yours. No trademarked characters, logos, brands, names, companies, etc may be used. Tracing and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you think your design is in a gray area, it's better to move on to the next design!

Products: While we're planning on expanding our featured artists selections to a variety of products, keep in mind at the moment our artists design for bottle openers. Your art must be able to translate to a long thin "canvas". Bottle opener allow for two sides per design, and we're happy to include a logo, name, or DBA on them.

Your responsibilities: Once an artist has been approved, we will provide you with layered Photoshop templates with guidelines. Your work must be intact, in layers, and print well at around 7" x 2" 300 dpi on each side (no upsampling!). We request that artist name their designs, and provide us with a few sentences about each design. You will be asked to provide a short bio and photo or logo to go with. This is the part where you sell yourself! Don't be shy.

Promotion: The key to good sales is YOU. We prefer artists that have and fanbase and a social networking outreach. will put your work out there, and periodically feature it, but nothing has ever woked better for our featured artists than an arist reaching out directly to their fan base to show off their new product line!

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