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Wine Opener Accessories

Wine Accessories

Our corkscrew and wine opener accessories are the finishing touch needed to accompany any of our corkscrews. Wine opener holsters are the perfect way to stay organized and prepared for any situation, whether at work or on the go. Our convenient corkscrew holsters clip right onto your pants pocket, so you’ll always have it close by when you need it.

If you need a quick and easy way to remove wine bottle foil then grab one of our high quality foil cutters. The compact and effective style of this wine device makes it an essential wine accessory for anyone looking to offer proper wine service. Built for speed and comfort, our foil cutters are a great addition to any collection of wine tools.

Any time you don’t finish a bottle of wine you need to make sure you use one of our quality wine bottle stoppers. Our wine bottle stoppers provide an air tight seal to help prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine. These wine bottle accessories are perfect for topping off any bottle of wine and are great at slowing down the oxidation process.

Refill cartridges for our Cork Pop pressurized wine cork removers are a must have item for anyone who enjoys the ease of an automatic wine opener. When you stock up on refill cartridges you don’t have to worry about being caught off guard or unprepared if you ever run out.

Our corkscrew and wine opener accessories are perfect for any professional waiters, bartenders, or wine enthusiast in need of high quality wine tools.

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  • Wine Bottle Opener Holster

  • Reusable Wine Stopper-Pourers - 3 Pack

  • Cone Wine Stopper- Black (Pack of 2)

  • Copper-Plated Champagne Stopper

  • Cork Butler

  • Deluxe Vacuum Pump with Push Button Wine Stoppers

  • T Wine Stopper & Corkscrew - Two Piece - Chrome

  • Foil Cutter with Sharpened Metal Blades

  • Blonde Wood Wine Stopper Set

  • Decanter Cleaning Balls - Stainless Steel

  • Fruit Wine Stoppers

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  • Zevro® Stop & Pour

  • Haley's Corker for Screw Top Bottles - Green

  • Flip Top Bottle Stopper

  • Alacart Vacuum Pump Wine Stoppers - Two Pack

  • Chrome Wine Stopper Set

  • Double Lever Corker

  • Circular Foil Cutter


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