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Muddlers A muddler is a necessary bartending tool for any professional bartender who is serious about their craft. Signature cocktails are commonly created by mashing fresh ingredients with a muddler in order to infuse the flavors with the alcohol. We over several different types of muddlers, sure to suit any bartenders needs. Choose from durable, high quality stainless steel muddlers, rustic wooden, stylish muddlers or standard and low costing plastic muddlers that can handle any muddling job. Muddlers are commonly used when creating cocktails such as Mojitos and Old Fashioned's.

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  • 8" Beechwood Muddler

  • BarConic® Wooden Muddler w/ Flat Head - 8" Long

  • BarConic® 8" Wood Muddler with Grip Bands

  • Sherwood Muddler

  • 30cm Wood Muddler with Leather Strap

  • BarConic® 10" Black Biggie Muddler

  • Clear 30cm Acrylic Muddler w/ Tenderizer Head & BPC Logo

  • BarConic® 8" Thick Stainless Steel w/ Plastic Tenderized Head Muddler

  • BarConic® Stainless Steel/Black Tenderizing Head Muddler

  • Rösle Muddler

  • 9.6" Stainless Steel w/ Black Plastic Head Muddler

  • The Rabbit® Spring Loaded Push & Twist Muddler

  • Cocktail Muddler Straws - 6 pack

  • Professional Acacia Wood Muddler - 12"

  • Tony Abou-Ganim - TAG Bar Muddler

  • Gold Plated Muddler - 8.5 inch

  • Copper Plated Muddler - 8.5 inch

  • BarConic® Stainless Steel Muddler - Slim with Black Tenderizer Head

  • BarConic® Clear Acrylic Muddler with Multicolor LED - 30cm

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