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Our master mixology supplies includes many of the products needed to prepare and present your concoctions that might not be considered "tools", such as ice molds, specialty straws, carafes, serving products and more. For master mixologists, the equipment must not only be top-of-line, but made to appeal aesthetically.

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  1. Paper Straws - Bamboo Design - Box of 144


    Drink in style by adding these biodegradable paper bamboo straws to any cocktail. Perfect for a Tiki bar, luau night, or if you simply want to add some flare to your specialty cocktails, these bamboo straws will do the trick. The bamboo print will sure to be a crowd favorite and a great alternative to the normal plastic straw. Each bamboo straw is made with eco-friendly materials and food safe ink so they’re safe for your customers. Buy your box today and give your customers a great new way to enjoy their cold delicious drinks.

  2. Gold Plated Star Top Cocktail Picks - 6 Pack

    $12.95$2.16/ ea.
    These star top cocktail picks are made of stainless steel plated with gold and come 6 to a pack. The strong stainless steel body allows for use with large heavy cocktail garnishes like pineapple. They are great for spearing anything from small cocktail onions to large pieces of fruit. The gold plating of these picks adds a sophisticated elegant look to your drinks that is sure to keep your guests coming back for more!
  3. Plastic Shot Pourer Bottle - 1 Quart

    Looking for an easy and quick way to fill a bunch of shot glasses? Try pre-making shots in the plastic quart bottle and keeping it chilled in the fridge for an easy way to serve a quick round. This bottle includes a plastic liquor pourer that easily removes for filling and holds up to 1 Quart of Liquid.
  4. Copper Plated Cocktail Straws (4 Pack)

    These beautiful copper plated cocktail straws are designed for use in your favorite frozen drink, but of course you can use them with any drink you'd like! Think about how you're saving the Earth while you sip your drink of choice through this durable, reusable, and attractive copper plated bent cocktail straw.
  5. BarConic® Stainless Steel Straw/Spoon - 7.5 inch

    As Low As: $0.79
    These BarConic® Stainless Steel Straw/Spoons are 7.5 inches in length and are great for serving up any signature frozen beverage as they allow your customer to scoop up every last bit of the cocktail. They feature a straw and spoon all in one made of stainless steel for durability and to provide a classy high-end touch to any of you signature cocktail beverages. They are easily cleaned with a narrow bristle brush and ready to go again in the next beverage. The perfect bar and serving tool all in one!
  6. Fruit Garnish Clips - 9 Pack

    $1.99$0.22/ ea.

    When it comes to craft cocktails, it’s undeniable that taste is vital, but so is presentation as well. Ask any master mixologist and they will confirm that just like creating their latest drink, garnishing a cocktail is just as much of an artistic process as coming up with a good tasting drink. With such high stakes at play, it’s a good thing that there’s such a thing as Fruit and Garnish Clips to help you properly adorn the rim of your glass with the necessary garnish to achieve mass appeal. Featuring adorable fruit inspired tribal face designs, these cute plastic clips measure 2” high by 1.5” in width and are the ideal touch to add to your craft cocktail presentation. Therefore, if your latest craft cocktail creation calls for finishing it off with a mint leaf, rosemary sprig or a citrus twist; this 9-Pack set of Fruit and Garnish Clips are sure to add points to your presentation score when it comes to your mad science master mixologist creations.

  7. Rose Gold Plated Star Top Cocktail Picks - 6 Pack

    $12.95$2.16/ ea.
    These star top cocktail picks are made of stainless steel plated with rose gold and come 6 to a pack. The strong stainless steel body allows for use with large heavy cocktail garnishes like pineapple. They are great for spearing anything from small cocktail onions to large pieces of fruit. The rose gold plating of these picks adds a sophisticated elegant look to your drinks that is sure to keep your guests coming back for more!
  8. BarConic® Stainless Steel Drip Tray - Holes - 16" x 6"


    The BarConic® Stainless Steel Drip Tray is the perfect stand-alone way for the professional or at-home bartender to craft unique cocktails. The versatile drip tray can be used as a stand-alone solution to mix drinks for an elegant presentation or pour beer or soda from a tap. The drip tray keeps liquid from spilling and collecting on your counter top or work space. The high quality stainless steel has large holes that are easy to clean and durable enough for everyday use.

  9. Gold Plated Arrow Cocktail Picks - 4 Pack

    $16.95$4.24/ ea.
    These arrow cocktail picks are made of gold plated stainless steel and come 4 to a pack. The pointed arrow shaped pick and strong stainless steel body allow for use with even the largest cocktail garnishes. They are perfect for spearing anything from large pieces of fruit to small cocktail onions so your bartenders can create a variety of beautiful craft cocktails. The gold plating adds an elegant look with an air of sophistication to your drinks that is sure to keep your guests coming back for more!
  10. Shaker Mat™

    As Low As: $2.00
    The Shaker-Mat™ is designed for working bartenders in mind, by giving them extra drain room for cocktail shakers to keep bar tops spill-free and sanitary. Don't use dirty towels on your bar or take up space with a server mat for mixing. This Shaker-Mat™ measures 9" x 9" and is available in blue, red, green, and black. They're large enough for single bartenders but small enough to be coupled together for multiple applications.
  11. BarConic® Stainless Steel Straw - 7.5 inch

    As Low As: $0.79
    Our BarConic® Stainless Steel Straw is 7.5" long and the perfect addition to any signature cocktail beverage. The stainless steel is not only durable for a long lasting product but also creates an upscale experience for your patrons in any bar, restaurant or club. The straw itself is easily cleaned with a narrow bristle brush and ready to go again for the next drink. Because they are reusable you will no longer have to continuously purchase new disposable straws and your customers are sure to appreciate the extra touch in the craft of their cocktails!
  12. Copper Plated Cocktail Picks - Pack of 6

    These are not your average cocktail garnish picks; they are copper plated stainless steel! Not only are they beautiful and make great additions to elegant craft cocktails but they are also reusable. The stainless steel is durable and strong so these copper plated garnish picks will be in your tool kit for the long haul.
  13. Master Mixology Bitters and Mixers Bottle Labels - 174 Stickers


    The Master Mixology Bitters and Mixers Bottle Labels are a necessary addition to any craft cocktail supply set. The sticker labels allow for easy organization for your specialty bitters and bar mixers as you concoct exciting new flavors. Easy to write on and apply, the bottle labels have a classic “old fashioned” look that will set you apart as a true master of your craft. This set is perfect for labeling anything from your standard mixers to the chocolate, citrus, spice, nutty or newly-invented bitter variety. The white and gold labels come with six full alphabet sets for quick identification (three of each color) and 18 additional blank labels, which comes to a total of 174 high quality, waterproof vinyl stickers. These stickers will not leave a sticky residue after you remove them from your glass bottles, therefore interchanging different ingredients will not hinder the beautiful clarity of your quality glassware.

  14. BarConic® Ring Bamboo Cocktail Picks (Pack of 100)


    The BarConic® Ring Bamboo Cocktail Picks are a great way to garnish beverages or martinis and present your most popular drinks with a stylish touch. The natural bamboo color evokes a tropical tiki vibe, perfect for a tiki bar or themed party but subtle enough for everyday use. These picks are sturdy but the bamboo material makes them lightweight enough to store and access a large number easily. The ring shape is sized to fit your finger and the length is 3.5", long enough to lay flat over a cocktail rim or spear and add to a tall hurricane glass. Each order is a pack of 100 picks.

  15. 4.5” Thick Wood Skewers (100 count)

    These 4.5” Thick Wood Skewers are perfect for serving candied appetizers, fresh fruit, corn kabobs, or any desert that doesn’t necessarily require a plate or fork. Bartenders love them for skewering heavier garnishes such as stuffed large olives or pineapple slices when regular picks or toothpicks just won't cut it. Want to impress your guests with a Bloody Mary featuring a garnish skewer with "everything" stacked on it? Well, this is the product you need! They're great for your kitchen or bar!
  16. BarConic® Heart Bamboo Cocktail Picks (Pack of 100)


    The BarConic® Heart Bamboo Cocktail Picks are a perfect way to add a fun flair to your tropical drinks and garnishes. The bamboo material is strong enough to hold multiple garnishes, and the heart shaping adds width to your pick, making it easier to lay flat on cocktail or martini glasses. The pointed end allows for easy garnish spearing and this heart-shaped version of the pick adds a stylish touch to your presentation. Each order is a pack of 100 picks.

  17. Cocktail Muddler Straws - 6 pack

    Cocktail Muddler Straws are perfect for any type of gathering or party. This pack comes with 6 colorful and fun straws that also serve as muddlers and stirrers for your cocktails. The clever design features a pestle that allows guests to grid ingredients as little or as much as they desire. Plus, these straws are even dishwasher safe.
  18. BarConic® Stainless Steel Drip Tray


    This heavy duty, stainless steel drip tray is a necessary accessory to offer a drainage solution beneath beer keg taps and soda fountains. Without a drip tray, spilled liquid will collect and splatter everywhere, leaving you with an extremely messy work space. This durable drip tray measures 19 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The top slotted rack easily removes from the durable base, allowing you to drain the over poured liquid, therefore offering you an easy clean up solution.

  19. BarConic® Silicone 4 Sphere Ice Mold

    With this BarConic® Silicone 4 Sphere Ice Mold, you can now offer and serve your guests their favorite cocktails in style with slow-melt ice balls. This silicone ice maker is made of durable, food-grade silicone and design to allow you to create four (4) spheres at once. Keep a large bowl in your freezer and make several ahead of time. You can also freeze a variety of fruits, herbs, candies, flowers, and other infusions make the prefect ice balls for a punch bowl adding flavor and keeping it cool at the same time.
  20. BarConic® Ice Shot Glass Mold

    This BarConic® Ice Shot Glass Tray allows you to make four ice shot glasses at once making it perfect for your next party. Whether you’re having a party for your birthday, bachelorette, girls night out, or any other gathering or occasion, you will surely have the coolest and most fun shots to serve to your party guests. Simply fill this fun ice shot glass mold with water, or any of your favorite beverage like soda, juice, fruit punch, coffee, etc., then pop it into the freezer, and in a short period of time you will have frozen shot glasses. This shot cup tray helps eliminate washing and glass breakage so you never have to worry about replacing them. Just fill, freeze, fill with libation and serve its that easy!
  21. BarConic® Silicone Perfect Cube Ice Tray

    A unique and sleek way to keep your favorite sodas, lemonades, fruit punches, sangrias, or mixed cocktails cold without becoming overly diluted with this Barconic® Perfect Silicone Ice Tray. This silicone ice maker is made from durable silicone and makes fifteen (15) 1.25" perfect ice cubes. You can also freeze herbs, flowers, candies, juices and a variety of other infusions to make the perfect ice cubes for a punch bowl adding flavor and cooling at the same time. It's uses are limited only by your imagination!
  22. BarConic® Silicone Collins Ice Tray


    Create one of a kind art for your party slicing up your favorite fruits and pouring your favorite juice, soda or water in this column cube tray and place it in the freezer until frozen. When you remove the tray from the freezer and bend this sturdy BarConic™ Silicone Collins Ice Tray it is sure to go into any desired beverage such as mixed cocktail, water, club soda or pimp out your favorite punch or sangria with pizazz and wait for the cubes to melt and dip into your finally freed fruits. Each mold easily releases a tall ice cube that fits into a Collins glass, Highball glass, Mixing Glass, or Pitcher.

  23. King Cube Silicone Ice Trays

    As Low As: $6.95
    Made from durable and flexible silicone, these tray molds make perfect 2 inch ice cubes. Larger cubes melt slower, making them perfect for large drinks, punches, carafes, and more. Great for home use, master mixology, or specialty bars.
  24. Interchangeable Japanese Ice Ball Maker

    Create a unique guest experience by serving perfectly round Ice Balls with their alcoholic beverages. Ice Balls will quickly chill beverages, but melt much slower than traditional ice cubes. Using Ice Balls will prevent your guests beverages from being diluted by melting ice, while giving them an experience to remember and return for!

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