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Standard Metal Jiggers

Jiggers - Stainless Steel Standard Metal Jiggers are one the best bartending tools help with inventory control and quality control. Any Bartender or Bar Owner knows what happens when you have a coworker with a heavy hand… All the customer’s gravitate to that employee who’s giving away your alcohol and collecting all of the tips! Put an end to that problem now and give them a 2-sided Jigger! This measuring tool is available in several different pour size options! Help put your mind at ease knowing that all Bartenders are pouring consistently and continuing to make quality cocktails that your customers will love! There are many options to choose from including a Jigger with Handle, a Final Touch® 3 Piece Double Jigger, a Metric Jigger, and even a Jigger Cube! Complete your bartending tool set with a high quality Measuring Jigger today!

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