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Ice Tools & Supplies

Ice Bar Tools You can't keep a bar open without cold drinks! We've got ice bar tools for every type of bar and restaurant service applications.

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  1. Ice Scoop - Gun Metal

    Each of these ice scoops is made of gun metal gray stainless steel. The strong stainless steel body allows for a highly efficient scoop and strong handle. Its gun metal gray adds a sleek look to this bar tool that your patrons are sure to appreciate.
  2. Tovolo® Stackable Sphere Ice Trays - Frost - 2


    The Tovolo Stackable Sphere Ice Trays are the perfect way to store your round ice, ready for service! The plastic trays fit compactly in your freezer or cooler and each tray holds four ice spheres. The sleek design keeps ice spheres from touching so you will have perfect ice spheres always ready for cocktail service. Each order is two stackable ice trays in frost (white).

  3. Ice Scoop - Gold Plated

    Each of these ice scoops is made of gold plated stainless steel. The strong stainless steel body allows for a highly efficient scoop and strong handle. Its gold plating adds an air of sophistication to this bar tool that your patrons are sure to appreciate.
  4. Tovolo® Clear King Cube System


    The Tovolo Clear King Cube System is the perfect way to make large, king ice cubes for liquor and specialty cocktails! The perfectly insulated system creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom, classic king cube, leaving the top king cube crystal clear. The clear king cube is also ultra slow melting so it won't dilute your favorite spirits. The king ice cubes this mold creates are seamless and 2.5" each.

  5. Hammered Copper Plated Tongs - 7"

    The 7 inch Hammered Copper Plated Tongs are an elegant bar tool perfect for garnishing your signature craft cocktails. They are made of quality-grade stainless steel plated in copper and hammered for a rustic vintage effect. These tongs are a great option for the professional bartender looking to elevate the presentation of craft cocktails. The plating tongs can also be used in the kitchen and are durable enough for everyday use. Use them to pick olives, cherries, mint, coffee beans or anything you will add as a garnish to your cocktail.
  6. Multicolored LED Tip Bucket

    Regular Price: $55.95

    Sale Price: $42.56

    As Low As: $42.19
    Set a mood of any kind with this multi-functional LED Tip Bucket. Convenient button will set a stand still glow of multiple colors, and also has a multi-color light show option. The beautiful glow illuminates the entire bucket.
  7. Speakeasy® Wooden Ice Mallet


    If you're a master mixologist who makes a living out of crafting not only tasty drinks, but attractively presented ones as well, then this Speakeasy® Ice Mallet is a must have bar tool to accomplish just that. Whether you're looking to concoct your latest julep, margarita, smash or cocktail, this 12" long natural beach-wood ice mallet is a must have tool to add dimension to your master mixologist toolbox. With its adjustable 4.25" x 2.75"x 2" hammer head block, the options are endless. This ice mallet's block easily moves up and down along its heavy duty wood handle for increased leverage and more varied crushing results. So, if you're looking for cracked ice for one drink, slivered for another and crushed for the next, this is the ideal tool for handling it all! And beyond the aesthetics, different types of ice can lead to a different taste profile, making this the ideal tool for giving your concoctions an edge in terms of taste as well. So what are you waiting for? If you want to move to the forefront of the master mixologist ranks, you need to pick up one of these Speakeasy® Ice Mallets today!

  8. Japanese Ice Pick - Final Touch®


    You may be surprised how important it can be to use sculpted ice for your cocktails. The size and consistency of the cubes or ice balls can really affect the flavor and temperature of a drink. A larger block of ice melts slower and keeps cool versus cold, therefore it won't water down the liquid contents. Large blocks of ice are ideal for rich spirits such as whiskey, scotch and bourbons. Smaller or crushed ice melts faster and are meant for the ultimate chill to your cocktail.

  9. Ice Scoop - Copper Plated

    These ice scoops are made of stainless steel so the scoop stays stable while in use. The stainless steel body also allows for a highly efficient scoop and strong handle. Each ice scoop is copper plated creating a retro vintage bar tool that will add an air of elegance to your set of barware.
  10. Tovolo® Clear Sphere System


    The Tovolo® Clear Sphere System is the perfect way to create round ice spheres for specialty cocktails! Based on the Japanese ice ball, The Tovolo Clear Sphere System uses silicone molds to shape two seamless 2.5" ice spheres- one crystal clear and one in classic ice clarity. The easy-to-use mold comes with an outer case that is magnetic, keeping your ice neatly stored and perfect every time.

  11. BarConic® SS Talon Tongs

    There are various uses for tongs behind the bar whether your are garnishing craft cocktails or picking up cubes of ice or sugar these BarConic® SS Talon Tongs are the right tool for you! They are made of strong stainless steel and feature talon forked ends for better grip. These tongs measure about 6.5" in length.
  12. Tovolo® Ice Ball Tongs


    The Tovolo Ice Ball Tongs are the perfect tool for gripping and placing round ice spheres for cocktails. The quality of the branded Tovolo tongs are second to none. The easy-grip tongs are durable and sleek, made from stainless steel and are safe to wash in the dishwasher.

  13. Gold Plated 4 inch Sugar Tongs

    These elegant Gold Plated Sugar Tongs are a must-have tool in any bar or kitchen. They are made of gold plated stainless steel so you can have that sophisticated look while still having a strong and durable product. There is also a rose motif along each side to enhance the elegance of this product. The tongs are 4" in length and are great for garnishing cocktails with sugar cubes or any quality ingredient of your choice.
  14. Copper Ice Bucket - Old Dutch Hammered Style


    Having an ice bucket accessible while entertaining friends and family at your home bar is a necessity. It adds an elegant element along with an important utility. If you do not have a built in ice maker, then having ice accessible is vital during your bar service.

    For those home bar enthusiasts and traveling mixologists who love to dress their bar in the latest trends and styles, this Copper Plated Ice Bucket is a fantastic choice. The distressed hammered effect gives this bucket a desirable vintage look, one that will look amazing sitting on your bar top. It is built out of a high quality stainless steel material, giving this ice bucket the best environment to stay cold for longer periods of time. It features 2 ring handles on either side.

  15. Ice Ball Mold - Moon


    Creative ice cubes are all the rave these days in the craft cocktail realm. The perfect ice cube is considered an art, and with many different types of ice molds available, this moon design stands out among the rest. The spherical silicone mold features circular rivets, enabling the look of a moon. Your guests will love the creative cocktail presentation while they sip their spirits. Ice balls are an ideal ice cube alternative for chilling cocktails, as they are designed to melt slowly, therefore, not watering down your drinks during consumption.

    Like with any ice mold, it is highly recommended that you use purified water when freezing your ice ball. Purified water will give the ice the ultimate clarity, which is very important for your cocktail presentation. Clouded ice cubes are a no-no!

  16. BarConic® Silicone Perfect Cube Ice Tray

    A unique and sleek way to keep your favorite sodas, lemonades, fruit punches, sangrias, or mixed cocktails cold without becoming overly diluted with this Barconic® Perfect Silicone Ice Tray. This silicone ice maker is made from durable silicone and makes fifteen (15) 1.25" perfect ice cubes. You can also freeze herbs, flowers, candies, juices and a variety of other infusions to make the perfect ice cubes for a punch bowl adding flavor and cooling at the same time. It's uses are limited only by your imagination!
  17. BarConic® Silicone 4 Sphere Ice Mold

    With this BarConic® Silicone 4 Sphere Ice Mold, you can now offer and serve your guests their favorite cocktails in style with slow-melt ice balls. This silicone ice maker is made of durable, food-grade silicone and design to allow you to create four (4) spheres at once. Keep a large bowl in your freezer and make several ahead of time. You can also freeze a variety of fruits, herbs, candies, flowers, and other infusions make the prefect ice balls for a punch bowl adding flavor and keeping it cool at the same time.
  18. BarConic® Silicone Collins Ice Tray


    Create one of a kind art for your party slicing up your favorite fruits and pouring your favorite juice, soda or water in this column cube tray and place it in the freezer until frozen. When you remove the tray from the freezer and bend this sturdy BarConic™ Silicone Collins Ice Tray it is sure to go into any desired beverage such as mixed cocktail, water, club soda or pimp out your favorite punch or sangria with pizazz and wait for the cubes to melt and dip into your finally freed fruits. Each mold easily releases a tall ice cube that fits into a Collins glass, Highball glass, Mixing Glass, or Pitcher.

  19. Red Silicone Cocktail Ice Ball Tray

    This ice ball tray is a great way to add a little class to your cocktails without breaking the budget. Since these ice balls are larger than normal ice they will melt slower keeping your customers drinks from getting diluted longer. This mold makes 10 - 1 1/2 inch round ice balls and can also be used for cake pops.
  20. King Cube Silicone Ice Trays

    As Low As: $6.95
    Made from durable and flexible silicone, these tray molds make perfect 2 inch ice cubes. Larger cubes melt slower, making them perfect for large drinks, punches, carafes, and more. Great for home use, master mixology, or specialty bars.
  21. Japanese Ice Ball Mold

    Now you can make your own ice balls in the comfort of your home (or restaurant!). Spheres of ice are preferred because the smaller surface area means the ice melts slower, keeping drinks cold without becoming too diluted. Keep a large bowl in your freezer and make several ahead of time. You can also freeze herbs, flowers, candies, etc. inside. Or freeze juices and use the balls to keep a punch bowl cold. It's unlimited to your imagination!
  22. Tiki Stone Cold Statue Ice Cube Tray

    The perfect tiki way to keep your tropical drinks cool! This ice cube tray mold makes little replicas of the iconic Easter Island statues, giving your drinks a fun and mysterious, attention-grabbing flair. The stone colored silicone tray is reusable, dishwasher safe, and super simple to use!
  23. Barbuzzo® Ice Straw Tray

    Just when you thought you couldn't garnish your signature Daquiri any better, think again. This super cool straw ice tray is great for adding that refreshingly ice cold touch to any cocktail. Simply fill the tray up with water and freeze like you would any other ice cube tray.
  24. "Rock" Style Ice Tray Mold

    If you are a fan of the Japanese Ice Ball Molds, then you will LOVE these new ice "rock" molds. This plastic mold creates 3 large rock like ice balls. With these cool Ice rocks you can present your cocktail as if you just chipped a piece of ice right of the rocky mountains. The larger cubes also keep your drink cold longer without watering it down as quickly as smaller cubes.

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