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Bottle Opener Accessories We offer a wide variety of bottle opener accessories! Here you will find our popular Magnetic Clip that securely clips onto your pants or belt giving you the ultimate access to to your bottle opener at all times. Spinner rings are also a great accessory to have if you are a bartender who likes to add a little bit of flair to their bartending shift. We are sure to keep up with the latest trends and styles in bartending. Armbands and holsters are all the craze right now.

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  1. Magnetic Clip for Bottle Openers

    This handy Magnetic Clip allows busy bartenders and servers easy access to their metallic speed openers and flat bottle blades. A smooth plastic pad keeps the strong magnet from scratching your bar tools and the clip attaches securely to your belt so you can shoot from the hip.
    Note: "DOG BONE" style openers are NOT magnetic. If you are using an opener from a different source, please be sure it is magnetic first. Not all metal products react with magnets.
  2. Spinner Rings

    As Low As: $0.32
    A perfect match for our speed openers! The Spinner Ring give you a little more control, reduced friction, and they put a little spin flair in your shift. They're made of strong polypropylene, much like our vinyl-coated openers, and molded to pop into place without adhesive. Sold individually in three colors: Black, Dark Green, Neon Green, and Neon Pink.
  3. Speed Opener Armbands with Pocket and Zipper

    As Low As: $2.25
    These Armbands are the perfect way to keep your Speed Openers handy without having to keep them in your back pocket. The bands even come with a handy pocket and zipper, keeping your small change and even a regular sized lighter on you at all times.
  4. Speed Opener Armband

    As Low As: $1.99
    Get quick access to your opener with our Speed Opener Armbands. Put it on your wrist or forearm for fast and convenient bottle opening. One size fits all.
  5. Intoxicologist Speed Opener Armband

    As Low As: $2.25
    Bartenders are a dime a dozen, but it takes something more to be an Intoxicologist... mostly attitude. These retro-styled Intoxicologist Armbands are great for strapping speed openers to your arm or wrist while keeping them handy during those fast-passed nights. Stylish and practical, they're a hit for both men and women.
  6. Bodyband Magnetic Holders

    As Low As: $12.95
    Bodyband Magnetic Holders keep your speed and mini bottle openers handy and accessible, while making a cool accessory people will notice. Without clips, hooks, harnesses, or holsters, your opener magnetically attaches itself and is removed quickly and easily. The lightweight stretchy material is closed with Velcro and the strong inner magnet is doubled stitched with the strap so the only contact with your bar tool is with the band material, for comfort and to keep your openers free from scratching. They come in armbands, beltbands, and leg bands. Note: "DOG BONE" style openers are NOT magnetic.
  7. Belt Clip

    As Low As: $2.95
    One for Happy Hour! This simple clip is a great way to keep your Speed Bottle Opener on hand at all times. Simply slide on your opener after use. Works with any type of bar blade with a ring hole. Comes in two types, a Speed Clip with quick on-and-off, and a Locking Speed Clip with a closing snap for extra security.
  8. The Holster

    As Low As: $11.95
    Available for both right and left handed bartenders, this Holster is a great bar accessories for holding your speed opener, lighter and pen in one convenient place, ready to go at any time. Great for working bartenders and nightclub servers. Made of heavy gauge leather. Not recommended for vinylworks openers.
  9. Waiter/Waitress Holster

    Be prepared for anything your guests throw at you with our Waiter/Waitress Holster. This holster can easily carry all your essential tools for waiting on tables, and features a zippered back for secure storage of your tips. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!
  10. Wine Bottle Opener Holster

    Hate misplacing your corkscrew all the time? The corkscrew holster is the perfect solution for that. Just clip it on to your pants pocket and you'll always be able to find it. Great for bartenders that don't wear aprons.
  11. BarConic® Wall Mounted Cap Catcher - Stainless Steel - 10" Tall

    Mount this durable BarConic® Stainless Steel Cap Catcher anywhere you experience fast paced bottle opening services. More than ideal for behind the bar use and even works great in your kitchen, recreational room, or man cave. This durable, sturdy cap catcher compliments our selection of wall mounted bottle openers perfectly, is easily mounted and has a classic look.
  12. Small Stainless Steel Cap Catchers

    As Low As: $7.69
    Don’t worry about bottle caps falling on the floor anymore. This high quality stainless steel Small Cap Catcher will help you to speed up your service on your busy day and keep your floor free of any bottle caps. Features strong stainless steel construction with two easy mount holes in the back and drain in the bottom so no liquids get stuck inside.
  13. Small Cap Catcher

    Tough and Durable Stainless Steel Construction. Wall Mountable with a centered pre-punched hole for easy hanging with a washer and large screw (screw and washer not included).

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