About Flairco

In 1997, after constantly breaking taped up Captain Morgan bottles, bartender Dean Serneels invented and introduced the world's first Flair Bottle. "He named his company Flairco and, with the help of family members and flair expert Mike Mclean, crafted a very high quality line (still surpassed by none) of "Flairco" bottles.

Using manufacturing trade secrets developed by QC Don Goddard, Flairco still produces the finest quality Flair Bottles on the market today. With the invasion of cheap Asian knockoffs, BarProducts is proud to offer "Flairco" North American Bottles at never before seen prices.

Stick with quality; stick with the best: Flairco.

Dean Serneels- Inventor/ Bartender

For 20 years, Dean has collected trophies and awards from the bartending industry and has produced award winning bartender training DVDs, the Flairco portable bar, and the original Flairco Bottle known throughout the flair world as THE flair bottle.

As a founding member of FBA (Flair Bartenders' Association), he's judged and lead leading bartending competitions worldwide among a host of other duties, including a wide range of bartender training platforms. He continues to make notable appearances in the industry.

"Good bartenders concentrate on service skills and drink making techniques. Great Bartenders prepare excellent drinks with a little show and do not miss a beat in their service." -Dean Serneels

Mike McLean- Director of Sales and Marketing

Mike McLean is Director of Sales and Marketing for Flairco, Inc. He has extensive background in the flair bartending industry stemming from his own history as a competitive flair bartender. Representing Flairco, he has traveled worldwide to promote, advise, and organize all things related to the flair, and he continues to be a chief competition judge as one of the only FBA (Flair Bartenders Association) Certified Master Judges. His unique insight to the sport of flair bartending is often used in the media and continues to help the sport grow and thrive.

What's Upcoming in Flair

Coming this year, "The Beginning," a new Flair DVD by the King of Flair, BarProdcuts.com sponsor Rodrigo Delpech. Here's a sneak peak:

Other Flairco Bottle Styles

Flairco has extended its Flair Bottle line so that bartenders can learn to flair with different bottle types.

Exclusive Flairco Products

For 16 years, Flairco has been creating the industry leading flair bottle, but they are also innovators of other great products especially created for flair bartenders.

Dean Serneels shows you his top bartending knowledge in his training DVDs. The Fast Tender Set is the ideal way to practice quickness. With the Portable Bar, you can have a bar wherever you go. The Floating Cocktail Shaker Set will allow you to perform amazing bar tricks that will surely impress anyone!

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